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Explore finely crafted THC-infused topical products. Apply to the desired area for localized effects. Always follow the instructions and do not ingest. Shop these carefully selected cannabis creams for topical use on skin, hair, and nails. There are other forms of cannabis products as well. For instance, Cannabis Oil, Cannabis Vape Pens, Cannabis Edibles etc. If you do not prefer psychoactive (THC) Cannabis cream, check out Budderweeds CBD Cream tinctures.

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How can I buy THC or CBD cream legally?

You can buy THC or CBD cream legally from retailers licensed by provincial governments or directly from Budderweeds who is federally approved.

How long does THC pain cream work for?

A number of factors determine how long THC pain cream may work, including the potency of THC, body chemistry, tolerance, and more. Generally, THC pain cream may work for about an hour or more. 

How much CBD and THC in a pain cream?

CBD and THC affect every individual differently; add to that, CBD and THC work against different types of pain. Different ratios of CBD and THC may help with particular needs. Ratios can range from 1:1 equal amounts of CBD and THC to 20:1 CBD to THC.  

Why don’t you get high from THC cream?

THC cream is formulated for targeted relief that may include muscle discomfort or skin irritation. When applied as a cream, you do not get high because THC gets absorbed through the skin and into fat cells, not into the bloodstream. 

How can I get THC topical cream for pain? 

You can get THC topical cream for pain from government-licensed retailers or directly from Budderweeds who is federally licensed. Buy THC topical creams from Budderweeds and get your products delivered straight to your door.  

How long for THC pain cream to work?

THC pain cream gets absorbed directly by receptors in our skin. It does not have to go through the digestive tract or lungs, unlike THC products that are ingested or inhaled. The response time is fast because THC almost immediately hits these receptors. The time it takes THC pain cream to work depends on the cream’s potency and your body composition. 

How long does THC cream stay in your system?

The research varies regarding how long THC cream stays in your system. It could be anywhere from three to thirty days. Many factors determine how long THC cream stays in your system, including the potency of the cream, your body composition, and how frequently you use THC. An occasional user eliminates THC faster than a regular user. 

Medicinal THC cream, what is it good for?

Our skin has high levels of receptors, making THC cream useful for conditions with symptoms that include swelling or inflammation. According to studies, different form of Cannabis infused products such as Cannabis topicals using THC cream for muscle relief, joint swelling, skin irritation, and even increased sexual pleasure for people with vulvas. 

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