We have all heard about the many medicinal benefits of marihuana. However, few ever discuss in any serious capacity those aspects that make it such a wonderful recreational drug. Canopy Growth is committed to bringing Canadian citizens, from Edmonton to Nova Scotia, the facts about cannabis.

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Smoking marijuana allows you to appreciate the small details

THC, the active component in cannabis, has a dilating effect on the pupil, making it relax over time. This allows you to more easily see and appreciate small details that you previously took entirely for granted. Under the effects of THC, you form more nuanced impressions of subtle things. For example, the light of the moon, the clouds in the Edmonton sky, or the dew drops that adorn your garden.

Cannabis oil can help you to better appreciate works of art.

If you’ve never been able to appreciate works of art entirely, your imagination is probably blocked. Under the effects of THC, colours become more vivid and textures more striking. Songs, paintings, movies and music videos take on a new meaning when you use our high-quality cannabis products. Here at Canopy Growth, we offer premium brands such as Budderweeds that specialize in potent Marijuana strains. Unlock the hidden beauty of art with our hand-picked selection.

It makes you stop and think things through.

It is no secret to anyone that cannabis oil slows down your perception of time. Our brains perceive time in the same way that we perceive light. Therefore, when our pupils dilate, it takes longer for light signals to be processed, and everything feels slower. Modern life is hectic, and we live it at a drastic pace. In the face of this, at Canopy Growth consider it a luxury to experiment with a slower outlook. Appreciate the little things, and smoke some of our Budderweeds strains of Marijuana and cannabis oil.

Nurtures creativity

Edmonton is a creative’s dream city. The downtown Arts District is home to festivals, performing arts, and music. The THC in our Marijuana products provides a clean boost to your creativity. The city´s best musicians, poets, writers, dancers, painters and sculptors are our best customers. Why shouldn’t you enjoy it as well? If you are a graphic or interior designer, an architect or chef, give Canopy Growth´s Budderweeds products a chance.

It helps you to know yourself better.

Once it has reached your nervous system, THC found in cannabis oil boosts your levels of metacognition. That is, you become aware to a higher degree of what is happening within your mind. Many take advantage of this state of metacognition to sift through their mental detritus and learn about their inner self. In conjunction with elevated levels of relaxation, you will enjoy an intimate relationship with the inner workings of your mind.

We believe that the more educated our citizens are, the better prepared they are to fight prejudice. We have partnered with Alberta Cannabis and now offer our potent cannabis oil and Marijuana through their network of stores. In Edmonton and across Canada, enjoy the best that cannabis has to offer. Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.