The Société Québécoise du Cannabis Will Be Supplying Pot to Montreal and Quebec City

Just last month, On June 12, 2018 bill 157 was adopted giving the Provincial Crown Corporation known as the Société Québécoise Du Cannabis the responsibility of trading Cannabis within the providence of Quebec. This is good news for the residents of cities like Montreal and Quebec City who now can purchase their recreational weed with full government approval. This is good news for those people who enjoy their cannabis on a recreational basis or who use non-medical issued marijuana to help deal with pain. It is especially good news since the Société Québécoise du Cannabis has made the decision to sell and distribute Budderweeds cannabis products, which are well known for quality.

Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis SAQ SQDC

With the new law allowing the use of recreational marijuana slated to go in effect in October of this year (2018) residents of Montreal and Quebec City as well as the rest of Canada are looking forward to being able to legally enjoy using cannabis in their own home and we here at Budderweeds are ready and willing to supply the needs of those recreational cannabis users.

What is Budderweeds?

A Canadian brand known for its various cannabis products Budderweeds offers various high quality cannabis products such as their THC infused candies, their marijuana flowers and their Cannabis oil. All of our products at Budderweeds are hand selected to ensure that you get high quality cannabis products for your recreational use. Our products include; High potency cannabis extracts, a variety of different strains of craft grown weed flowers, Vaporizer pens, and Cannabis Oil.

While users in cities like Montreal and Quebec City as well as the rest of the areas in the province of Quebec can purchase their Budderweeds cannabis products through the Société Québécoise du Cannabis, the rest of the country can purchase their cannabis directly through us here at Budderweeds. Explore all your options from Calgary, Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.