Tired of Organigram? If You Live in Edmonton, Try us Instead!

If you live in Edmonton and are looking for a cannabis retailer with a larger stock of available products than Organigram, we believe that we are the right cannabis seller for you! To help convince you, we’re going to go over some information about Organigram and what they offer, and then show you why we are a smarter choice for your cannabis needs.

Who is Organigram? What do they sell?

Organigram cannabis oilOrganigram is a licensed cannabis producer. They are currently based in Moncton, New Brunswick. They are known for growing both non-organic and organic strains of cannabis, so as to provide their customers with more options.

That being said, currently Organigram offers only one product line: OrganiOil, a line composed of various cannabis oils. They currently produce four varieties of this oil: Indica, Sativa, CBD-rich, and Hybrid. And while Organigram does have plants to someday expand their operations and attain additional licensing in order to sell cannabis products besides cannabis oil, currently they cannot do so.

Why Choose Us

While Organigram is admittedly a very good licensed cannabis retailer, we humbly believe that our brand is a better choice if you’re looking for a retailer that can offer both a greater selection of products as well as a reliable and discreet delivery service.

Unlike Organigram, Budderweeds sells more than cannabis oil; we also have THC and CBD tinctures as well as cannabis flower products. We even sell cannabis products that contain Blue Dream, a hybrid strain of cannabis that is known for being very effective in alleviating both pain and depression while also making the user feel more relaxed and sometimes even euphoric.

You can also always count on Budderweeds for reliable and discreet delivery of your products. Not only do we offer a delivery guarantee that protects you in the event of your purchase never arriving, we send out all products in smell-proof packaging with plain labeling to ensure discretion and protect your privacy. You can also rest assured that any information you share with us (whether it is for payment or delivery purposes) will be kept safely encrypted and secure, so you will never need to worry about your information being compromised through us.

All in all, we highly recommend all our cannabis products for anyone over the age of nineteen who might be interested in them. And while we are not a medical cannabis producer, we do believe that our various products can help improve your life by helping to alleviate pain, stress, tension, anxiety, and even depression.

You can also trust us to offer only the best and most high quality cannabis products. We can deliver to you no matter where you live, so if you do live in Edmonton and are trying to find a dependable online cannabis retailer with a great selection of products (as well as secure and discreet delivery) we strongly encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience. Give us a try, order from Budderweeds today.