Marijuana flowers have been in use for thousands of years. Since as early as 500 B.C., ancient civilizations used marijuana flowers as a medicinal herb. The rest of the plant was used for making textiles, rope, paper, and even food. Yet after a long history of helping mankind, marijuana was banned because of one of its other qualities—the ability to get you high.

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Now that ban is being lifted. On October 17th, companies like UP Cannabis will be allowed to bring their products to select stores throughout Canada, including the city of Calgary. On that day, recreation marijuana will be legal once again, through shops managed by Alberta Cannabis. AC has chosen a number of distributors such as UP Cannabis Inc. to supply their stores.

UP Cannabis will be available both in physical stores, and through an online portal Alberta Cannabis is creating.

Aura Dispensary LogoThere you’ll be able to get marijuana flowers legally for the first time since 1923. Canada is one of the first countries to make smoking marijuana illegal, making it fitting that they are also one of the first to lift the ban.

Many activists have asked why smoking the plant was banned in the first place. According to available records, there wasn’t any real debate as almost no one in Canada smoked marijuana at the time. Nearly a century later, the popularity of marijuana has changed as people reap the benefits of its powerful pain killing and anti-anxiety effects as well as recreational uses.

Today, Canada is slowly but surely taking steps towards making legalization complete. Provinces such as Alberta are adding their own rules to the legalization process, and so are cities such as Calgary. Calgary is looking towards banning public smoking of the drug, but will still allow you to get the products you are interested in through appropriate stores.

Their products make an excellent first choice for new users. Their top quality ingredients make them appreciated even by seasoned veterans, who can tell the difference between okay marijuana and flowers that are top of the line. They also have a variety of products, such as edibles and concentrates. This gives you a variety of ways to try cannabis without having to switch brands and risk an unpleasant experience with a sub par product.

What ever you choose, you will get your chance starting October 17th. The recreational marijuana market officially opens on this date throughout Canada. You will be able to purchase products either at stores or in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy these plants legally and safely for the first time in a century. It’s a great note in the history of marijuana, and will be an exciting day for aficionados everywhere. Check out what is going to be available online at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.