We Bring Cannabis Products Closer to Consumers in Calgary

This coming October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis will finally be legalized in Canada. This makes many provinces including Calgary to open a cannabis store and offer cannabis products like cannabis oil, weed, and many other related products.

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission or AGLC Cannabis Oil Marijuana Weed

Alberta Cannabis Committed to Serving the Needs of Consumers for Premium Quality Cannabis Products in Calgary

Alberta Cannabis’ effort to meet the needs of consumers for quality cannabis products will not be possible without the help and effort of Aurora Cannabis Inc. This company is the leader in the cannabis market and will play a vital role in delivering high-quality cannabis oil, strains of craft-grown cannabis, high-potency extracts and more. With the help of Aurora, we will be able to ensure sufficient products are available to consumers all over the province.

Alberta Cannabis run stores privately and their stores sell a complete range of Budderweeds cannabis products. Our exclusive brand is ideal for first-time users and experienced cannabis users.

We Take Pride in Offering a Wide Variety of Products

Here at Budderweeds, we are your most trusted cannabis brand. We take pride in our exclusive brand offered all across Canada including Calgary. 

We deliver the most premium and wide variety of dried weed flower, edibles, cannabis oil and many other exclusive cannabis products to your satisfaction. We are always committed to bringing you top-notch products to our clients in Calgary and nearby provinces with the most reasonable prices.

You Deserve Some Break and Pampering With Our Cannabis Products

We understand how exhausting it can be to live an active and busy lifestyle. We are committed to giving you some break and pampering with our exclusive cannabis brand. You will need our cannabis products from time to time, and we are confident that you’ll enjoy our range of cannabis products.

We work in collaboration with  Alberta Cannabis. The commission also works in partnership with Aurora. Based on the set supply agreement, Aurora will supply enough cannabis products to sustain the needs of adult consumers. These supplies will also reach Alberta Cannabis’ privately run stores including us, the Budderweeds brand. Check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!