What Cannabis Stocks you should pay attention during the 2nd half of 2018

2018 is not the best year for most of the cannabis stocks. Still, some of the stocks have thrived significantly with massive gains. The good news is that 2018 is not over yet. There are more than five months to go in this year, which means you are not too late to invest in them. Let’s take a look at the most lucrative cannabis stocks to focus during the latter part of 2018.

Cannabis Stocks Canada

  1. Canopy Growth Corporation

Unlike many other marijuana stocks, Canopy Growth Corporation gained impressive returns during the first half of the year. Considering their solid gains, we believe that Canopy Growth is likely to maintain progress. By October, Canadian adults (including those who live in Ottawa) can use recreational weed. As a response to that, Canopy Growth has signed supply agreements with several provinces to supply recreational cannabis. Moreover, they have already increased their dried flower capacity to meet potential high demands in the near future. Apart from selling dried flower and cannabis oil in cities like Ottawa, they are approaching international market too. According to the sources, they will introduce cannabis infused beverages to the local and international market pretty soon. That is in addition to the dried flower and cannabis oil they already sell.

  1. Scotts Miracle-Gro

The share price of Scotts Miracle-Gro went down over a whopping 20% during the first 6 months. That is particularly due to California’s slow response to the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, it is an issue that doesn’t last very long. California cannabis market will thrive for sure pretty soon. The U.S. is likely to pick up with business soon and as a result of that, the stocks will thrive. Compared to others, Scotts has a better chance of succeeding due to the expansion of U.S. Marijuana market. That is particularly due to their acquisition of Sunlight Supply.

  1. Aphria

Since the beginning of 2018, Aphria’s stocks are now down by almost 40%. In fact, Aphria underwent a really bad time in terms of stock price. But, most of the aspects related to Canopy Growth Corporation apply to Aphria too. That means, the legalization of recreational marijuana will surely affect positively on Aphria’s stock prices. They actually plan to achieve a production of 225 MT of cannabis by 2016 to address the potential demand. Their strong retain distribution network is another positive aspect.

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