What is Aurora Cannabis? Are there other options?

What is Aurora Cannabis?

Aurora Cannabis is a well-known cannabis company with a strong reputation in Canada and across the world. The company is also known for setting a high standard in the cannabis industry. Aurora provides varieties of premium quality cannabis, cannabis products and services, develops innovative technologies, promotes cannabis consumer health and wellness, and also delivers an exceptional customer experience across all its brands.

The operation of Aurora spans across multiple continents and also focuses on both recreational and medical cannabis production and sales, clinic counseling services, patient education, home hydroponic cultivation, extraction technologies and delivery systems, and hemp-based food and health products. However, Aurora is so large that they are missing the “craft” aspect in their cannabis. They forfeit quality in favour of churning out massive amounts of greenhouse grown, machine trimmed cannabis.

Don’t be fooled

There is one company that is still passionate about pot as opposed to raking in the profit, that’s Budderweeds. Budderweeds is a well-known cannabis distributor across Canada, the brand offers a wide variety of hand selected and designer cannabis products like THC infused candies, several strains of craft grown flowers, high potency extracts as well as Discreetly Baked vaporizer pens. You’ll definitely have an uplifted day when you add Budderweeds cannabis products to your day.

Budderweeds is better than Aurora Cannabis


A cannabis plant produces a resin that contains various substances that are known as cannabinoids. The two main types of cannabinoids are Delta-9-tetrahyrocannabidiol (THC) and Cannabidion (CBD). THC is the most abundant constituent of the cannabis plant, and the most well-known. The THC is the intoxicating and psychoactive substance which is responsible for causing the marijuana high. The second most abundant compound is Cannabidiol and is also known as CBD. This is a non-psychoactive substance and represents about 40% of the Cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant; this is main constituent of cannabis oil.

What is Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is a thick and sticky substance which is extracted from the flowers and leaves of cannabis plant. To access the oil, a solvent extraction process is required which returns roughly 3-5 grams of oil per ounce of flower product used. By using isopropyl alcohol as the solvent, you can strain the result of the mixture, leaving cannabis oil behind. It is a lengthy process but result into the production of high-quality cannabis oil for consumption.

Cannabis and hemp have been used for thousands of years as a naturally growing herb, different people also use them in many parts of the world for various purposes. Cannabis oil is beneficial and is widely considered one of the most effective oils for the alleviation of certain illnesses as well as conditions. Cannabis oil has even been connected to relieving anxiety and stress, promoting good sleep, boosting appetite, relieving pain, preventing cancer, enhancing heart health, skin care, reduce glaucoma, eliminates headaches. The benefits of cannabis oil are numerous and you can easily get this by opting for various hand selected and designer cannabis product from Budderweeds, you’ll definitely love our products! See what products are available online today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.