THC Distillate

People want quality, purity and they are willing to go to great lengths just to get high quality cannabis products.

So, lets talk about THC Distillate and see what this actually is.

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What is the THC Distillate?

This is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate that you can buy right now. The process is also called short path distillation. Cannabis needs some high boiling points in order for its compounds to vaporize completely, and the THC Distillate process used alongside high powered vacuums is able to create that type of environment fast and easy. The equipment has some very low residence times, and that can be made even lower thanks to the vacuums included in the process.

The process is very complex, and it separates every cannabis compound. The way it works is that it first removes the terpenes. Then it removes lipids, solvents, and impurities. At this point you will have a pure distillate free of any odor or aroma. Now you will use a wiped film evaporated in order to turn this into fine oil.

Handling THC and CBD is hard because the former is thick and CBD is crystallized. That’s why you need specialized equipment for the THC Distillate, otherwise it will not be able to work the way you want.

THC Distillate benefits

One of the main advantages of using THC Distillates is that you have cannabis in its purest form. Manufacturers don’t use solvents to bind it with marijuana products either, which is very important. Also, the THC Distillate has a cannabis concentration of 90-99%, the highest purity out there. The extraction process is very clean too, which means you never have to worry about impurities or anything like that.

Then you also have the fact that the THC Distillate is odorless and doesn’t have any flavor. These features make it discreet and very easy to use. You get to have a clean smoke everywhere you want, and the best part is that you feel the benefits right away. You have high THC purity, and you can feel the results in no time, which is amazing as well.

You can use the THC Distillate in any way you want, but usually it makes sense to try it out via vaporizing because it’s clean, fast and efficient. Dabbing also works quite nicely, although you can also smoke it if you want to. Distillates can also be used orally with a small drop under the tongue.

If you want to experience THC in its purest form, then THC Distillates are by far the best option. Smoking flowers are a good alternative, but THC Distillates have a 99% THC content, whereas smoking flowers only give you a 25% concentration. That, combined with the fact that THC Distillates are clean and discreet makes them maybe the best option for medical and recreational use!