Where to get weed from Meta Cannabis Supply Co. in Manitoba

As cannabis has become more widely accepted in North America, companies have been emerging throughout. There has been a tremendous amount of development in a lot of western provinces. Like a location specific to Manitoba and beyond that. One such company is Meta Cannabis Supply Co.™ (“META”). But what exactly is that company and what are some differences between that and our company, Budderweeds? We’ll be looking into those specifically, but there are some major differences. One of them being Marijuana and cannabis oil.

Meta Cannabis Supply Co Marijuana

The Company

Before we delve into differences further, it’s first important to understand META. Since it’s foundation, the company has been making headway. Already it’s a publicly traded company. Furthermore it’s quite the diverse company as well. This much can be seen as they grow cannabis from greenhouses along with indoor growing.

But to truly find the differences, one must look at whom they serve. META has stated from the start what they provide: medicinal cannabis.

In other words, they’re looking to help patients. And that is quite all right. However, it leaves another untapped market and many companies have attempted to exploit it.

The Budderweeds Difference

As much as other companies have tried, our company is already one step ahead. In fact, we claim our product is vastly superior to META. We know this because of how we are set up.

First is the location. For our competitor a Manitoba resident may need to go to a location specific to Manitoba to get the goods. Even if they do, the issue again is that they provide medicinal cannabis. You don’t have to deal with that with us, as we are an online retailer. We deliver right to your door as long as the address is in Canada.

The second difference, which we touched on briefly, was the users. Our competitor serves patients. We serve actual users and we offer no medicinal cannabis. As a result our branding is different as well since ours is more of a fun brand. Furthermore if you are in a location specific to Manitoba, your options (if you’re a recreational user) are to purchase through a dealer. It’s smart to add another option.

Cannabis Flower & Cannabis Oil

But if you wanted to know the biggest difference, it’s actually the products themselves. Our competitor is innovative in the form of providing medical training for doctors, and seeds for end users. That’s to list a few things.

Here at Budderweeds, our focus is on creating fun, handy, cannabis related products. Our innovation comes in the form of various cannabis products. The most notable is Marijuana and cannabis oil.