Whether it’s your first time trying recreational cannabis or you’re a well-practiced pro, one thing is for sure: no two strains are exactly alike. In fact, certain marijuana strains are better for specific effects than others. But how do you go about picking the right kind of cannabis oil? If you live in Oshawa and want to find cannabis that goes beyond Delta 9’s offerings, look no further than this guide.

Delta 9 Cannabis Oil Marijuana Weed

#1: Look for recreational, not medicinal

Delta 9 is a company that comes up a lot in regards to cannabis. But Delta 9 offers medicinal products, not recreational—so you have to be approved for medicinal purchases or you can’t buy from them. In addition to this, Delta 9’s products are notorious for their inconsistency. One batch of cannabis oil from Delta 9 might be very potent, while another batch is weak.

What you want is a company that offers consistently amazing quality recreational cannabis. What you want, in one word, is: Budderweeds. Budderweeds is a recreational cannabis brand that offers many different products.

#2: Know before you buy

Not all cannabis oil is alike. In fact, different strains can be radically different in terms of how they make you feel. You need to know how these different strains work before you buy. Otherwise, you could end up buying a product with the opposite intended effect. There are 2 primary marijuana strains called indica and sativa. Indica is best for getting really relaxed—watching TV, curling up in bed, lounging on the couch with friends, and sleeping. Sativa is best for getting into party mode—feeling great, feeling smiley, upping creativity, and having a blast. If you want something that’s a bit in between these two, you’ll need a hybrid.

#3: Make sure you double check the shipping

Whether you’re buying from Oshawa or not, you’re probably concerned about product shipping—especially packaging. No one wants a package of cannabis oil to show up at the door with a revealing label on it! All of ourpackaging is a discrete plain colour and does not come with any revealing personal information on the box, such as personal data or product descriptions. All of your private data is also kept secure on the website, so you don’t have to worry about your purchase being revealed anywhere.

#4: Make sure to have fun!

There’s no point in buying your cannabis products if you aren’t going to enjoy them. After they’re delivered, make sure you use them at the optimum time. Indica is best used in the evening or right before bed if you’re using it like a nightcap, while sativa is great anytime you want to party in Oshawa or beyond. Whatever you buy, however you use it, and whether you’re a newbie or a pro—enjoy your Budderweeds products today! Check out your options at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.