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So you have chosen to discover the potential benefits of cannabis, but you are uncertain where to begin? The cannabis industry in Edmonton is changing rapidly. If you’re a cannabis user, experienced or not, you’ll want to seek out the best and most convenient cannabis.

Tweed, owned by heavyweight Canopy Growth, is one of the leading companies that promises to supply amazing cannabis. With a giant production facility located in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canopy Growth is a cannabis supplier who disappoints a segment of the cannabis market. People who know how to identify good cannabis (compared to many novices) are frequently disappointed by the large-scale, factory produced, machine trimmed bud. Tweed products are known for being abundant but not at the high standards craft smokers prefer.

Compared to Tweed, Budderweeds is a much better option for many reasons. Our recreational cannabis site offers you endless products to choose from.

Tweed Cannabis

Budderweeds Offers Cannabis Flowers

You already know that all cannabis strains aren’t the same. Female and male plants differ, and different seeds generate different varieties. These are known as different “strains” of cannabis. Smaller, slender, tall, bushy and short, cannabis plants are grown all over the world. Here are common types of cannabis flower:

  1. SATIVASativas are dried, cured, and processed upon harvesting to be vaporized or smoked. These cannabis flowers are known to get a smoker more “high” than “stoned.” Sativas provide an energetic and active type of feeling. They tend to present more THC than CBD.
  2. INDICA – The buds of an indica plant grow closer and denser compared to a sativa Plus, they’re sticky. Due to the high quality of resin in indica buds, they are used to create hashish. Indica buds offer much CBD than THC, and the effects are a more relaxed “stoned” sensation.
  3. HYBRIDWant the best of both worlds? Go for a hybrid strain. You’ll get an energizing lift from the sativa with a mellow, relaxed come down from the indica.

Budderweeds Offers Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a very popular consumption method. Infused into food or taken under the tongue, it’s a handy way to reap the benefits of the plant. It is also a discreet way of consumption. If you are searching for a place where you can purchase cannabis oil in Edmonton, there’s only one name – Budderweeds. Check out what is available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store, Société québécoise du cannabis and Cannabis.