A Guide to Finding Great Recreational Cannabis in Ottawa

Are you an experienced user of cannabis CBD oil looking for some solid fun? Or are you a beginner who wants to try a Marijuana strain for the very first time? If you live in Ottawa, you’ve no doubt already tried shopping around for the best recreational cannabis products in the area. And you’ve certainly discovered a dilemma: how do you decide which one is best? There are a lot of companies to choose from, including well-known companies like Delta 9, Budderweeds, Tweed and beyond. This handy guide will help you find the best recreational cannabis products in the area.

Delta 9 Cannabis Oil Marijuana Weed

Find a Recreational Company

The aforementioned Delta 9 is a fairly well-known cannabis provider. But there are two things about this company that make it less than ideal. One, they offer medicinal cannabis products, which aren’t available to everyone in Ottawa. Two, their products are so inconsistent that it’s always a risk buying from them. You never know how potent your cannabis CBD oil or Marijuana strain products will be.

What you need is a recreational brand, like Budderweeds. Budderweeds is the best recreational cannabis brand in Ottawa and beyond.
Different cannabis strains—whether they’re pure or hybrid—can have different effects. That’s why it’s important to know what you want out of your experience before you go looking for any cannabis products.

The three primary strains you’ll come across are: sativa, indica, and a catch-all “hybrid” label. Which one you pick will depend on how you’re feeling and what you want to do.

If you want to party, hang out with friends, have a really fun time, get creative and generally be upbeat and sociable: Sativa!

If you want to relax in bed and binge-watch Netflix, curl up and take a nap, get some restful sleep, or simply chill out with friends on the couch: Indica!

If you want something in between, you’ll need to look for a hybrid Marijuana strain. The exact effects of hybrids really depend on what flowers are used, so make sure to read all descriptions before buying. Budderweeds offers a number of different strains designed for different effects. This includes strains ideal for first-time users, as well as those that appeal to those with experience. Check out  Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!

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