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For those looking to avoid cannabis accessories and the fuss that goes into rolling a joint, Budderweeds offers these convenient alternatives. Budderweeds Pre-rolled joints are curated from premium quality cannabis flowers. Choose Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid pre-rolled joints grown by Licensed Producers.

Pre-rolled Joints By Budderweeds

If you keep your pre-rolled joints out, oxygen, humidity, and UV rays will degrade the flower affecting the taste and how it affects you. A pre-roll may last about two weeks if not stored properly; in contrast, it may last six months or more when proper precautions are taken. 

Check for mould if you plan on smoking an old pre-rolled joint. Keep in mind that old pre-rolled joints may be harsh to smoke and may not affect you the same way as a new pre-rolled joint. Old pre-rolled joints also burn faster. 

Do not store your pre-rolled joints in a drawer or your pocket. The choice of containers makes a big difference. UV-blocking jars are popular because direct sunlight degrades pre-rolled joints. 

Keep pre-rolled joints in moderate temperatures. If it’s too warm, the pre-rolled joints will dry out or grow bacteria or mould that live at temperatures above 77°F. The ideal temperature to keep your pre-rolled joints at is 60°-75°F. 

You can keep your pre-rolled joints in special containers in your desk drawer or a shaded area. Some freshness packs will help regulate moisture. 

Do not store your pre-rolled joints in the freezer or fridge because the low temperature will negatively affect trichomes, which, in turn, decreases the potency. 

You can roll Pre-rolled joints in several different options: white or brown paper, wood pulp paper, rice paper, and hemp paper. Rolling papers are specifically made to help regulate ventilation and burn rate. The paper can also have other additives for stabilization, smoke, and ash. White rolling papers specifically have chlorine or calcium carbonate to help with the burn. Quality papers do not use chemical treatments so as not to affect the taste and reduce any adverse health effects.

Wood pulp paper is the most popular choice with a medium burn rate. These are thicker and can be bleached (white) or unbleached (brown).  

Rice paper is all-natural, made from processed and pressed rice. These are thinner but burn slowly. Hemp rolling papers are light brown and are thicker than rice paper with a medium burn rate. 

Dispensaries are known for handmade pre-rolled joints made from “shake,” which is the bits of flower that fall off the nuggets when budtenders move them in their jars. As budtenders distribute buds to consumers, the shake builds up in the bottom of the jars. It is then collected and used for pre-rolled joints. 

Buds may also be broken down and added to the pre-roll mixture. The buds are broken down by hand using a grinder and mixed with the shake. The mixture is then loaded in pre-rolled paper cones. A machine is used to shake the joints to take away air pockets. Once filled, someone inspects the contents to ensure the joint is not too tightly packed or too loose, causing the joint to burn poorly. The final step is twisting the pre-rolled joint. 

In Canada, a pre-rolled hemp joint can only have 0.3 % THC or less.

Pre-rolled hemp joints are becoming popular because of their high CBD content. CBD is a cannabinoid similar to THC; however, CBD does not get you high. People use CBD for purported health benefits. 

Pre-rolled joints are made by a cannabis vendor, dispensary, or large corporation. Pre-rolls are convenient because they forgo the need for grinding and rolling. Pre-rolled joints are usually made using one strain/flavour and come in different weights and potencies. 

Small-scale productions mostly use vibratory machines, but they cause inferior compression. Big brands use large-scale proprietary devices. They are designed to meet the unique needs of changing markets. 

These machines provide even compression at high speeds at different volumes. Specialized equipment grinds the plant material consistently to workable sizes and packs pre-rolled joints to the best density. 

Overall, the factors that go into mass-producing pre-rolled joints are humidity, proper flower grind, paper thickness, and compression. But what is most important is the type of flower used.

Buy pre-rolled joints from retailers licensed by provincial governments or from Budderweeds who is federally licensed by the Canadian Government and Health Canada approved.

Keep pre-rolled joints fresh in specialized containers, including saverettes, zip-lock bags, torpedo cone tubes, cigar tubes, or pill bottles. Saverettes can store both pre-rolled joints and partially smoked joints. It extinguishes a joint in less than 5 seconds.  

Zip-lock bags are easy to get and easy to use. They protect from moisture and air. Torpedo cone tubes are exactly as the name suggests. They are sturdy plastic containers. Like torpedo cone tubes, cigar tubes protect cigars from the same conditions from which pre-rolled joints need to be protected. Pill bottles protect pills but are not long enough for long pre-rolled joints. However, they may be good enough for smaller joints or partially-smoked joints.

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