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THC Vape Pens

Explore Budderweeds’ collection of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Health Canada approved THC Vape Pens. Also called weed vapes and vaporizers, each Budderweeds THC Vape Pen contains high quality, premium cannabis extract.

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Where to buy THC oil for vape pen?

You can buy THC oil for vape pens at retailers approved by the provincial governments or directly from Budderweeds who is licensed by the federal government. These days it's best to buy THC oil for vape pens online for convenience and safety. 

How to use a THC vape pen?

Typically, weed pens are used with 510-threaded oil carts. You'll notice a rubber seal at the bottom of your oil cartridge. Remove this seal and attach the oil cartridge to the battery. Push-button devices need to be charged and turned on. Push the button once you're ready to inhale.

Draw in a small amount, wait a couple of minutes and observe how it affects you. THC may hit you gradually, so there's no need to rush. For devices with a range of voltage settings, 3.3 to 3.8 volts is ideal so as not to give you a burnt or dried-out experience. Note, read your device's instructions and test the settings as your personal preference may require more or less voltage.

How much THC in a vape pen?

The amount of THC in a vape pen varies. Consult the packaging or check the manufacturer's website directly if you are unsure how much THC is in a vape pen.

How to smoke THC oil in a vape pen?

There are two types of THC oil vape pens: disposable and rechargeable refillable. When using the latter, connect the THC oil vape cartridge to the battery. If your vape pen can adjust specific settings, take some time to find your personal preferences. 

To inhale, you either need to press a button, or some devices are auto-draw and don't have a button. When you draw, take in the vape slowly, so the oil doesn't overheat and get damaged. If the taste is harsh or burnt, you may be running out of oil. It can also mean that you have a low-quality battery that's degrading the THC oil. 

Once your THC oil vape pen is done, throw away the oil cartridge or the disposable vape pen. 

THC vape pen cartridges, how long do they last?

How long a THC vape pen cartridge lasts depends on how you use it and the frequency of use. Also, vape cartridges come in different strengths. You may take a one-second puff three times a day, a six-second puff twice a day, or three-second puffs a couple of times every other day. It can last you a few weeks to a couple of months. 

What is the best vape pen voltage for THC oil?

Low voltage settings around the 3.0v - 3.4v give you more flavor but not as much vapor. Choose low settings for low viscosity/blended oils. Thicker oils need higher voltage around 3.5v - 4.0v. Higher voltages give you more vapor but less flavor. Also, consider that a high voltage will make your battery lose power quicker. Avoid going above 4.0v because it can not only degrade the cartridge but will also give you an extremely dry draw that irritates your throat.

How long does THC oil stay good in a vape pen?

Generally, THC oil should last at least four to six months but can last longer depending on how you store it. Check the colour and viscosity. If it looks like sludge and there is odd separation, it may not be good anymore. 

If you leave the THC oil out and it's exposed to light and warm temperature, the oil will degrade quickly. 

How to buy THC oil for vape pen online?

Purchase THC oil for vape pens online from retailers approved by the provincial governments or federally licensed Budderweeds. 

What pen should I use to vape THC?

Vape pens are a personal preference. There are two options available: disposable and rechargeable. If you vape a lot, you may want to consider rechargeable devices. If you are an infrequent user, disposable might be a better fit.

What type of vape pen can I use THC oil cartridges?

There are many vape devices: buttons, no buttons, cylinder-shaped, rectangular shape, rechargeable, disposable, and some with adjustable temperature settings. The 510 thread weed pen is the most common device. 

Vape cartridges are composed of a mouthpiece, chamber, and a heating element. The vape cartridge must connect to a battery. Choosing a battery is a personal choice.

Where can I buy high CBD low THC vape pen?

You can buy high CBD low THC vape pens at retailers approved by provincial governments or from Budderweeds who is federally approved.

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