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Pre-Rolled Joints – 4 Pack – Pineapple Express

Pre-Rolled Joints – 4 Pack – Pineapple Express


Can’t Roll? On the run? Tired of rolling joints? Budderweeds has you covered with our pre-rolled single joints. Each joint contains one gram of hand-selected premium bud pre-rolled and filtered for your smoking convenience and packed into a discreet smell-proof, waterproof container.

Strain Name: Pineapple Express

Strain Classification: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Strain Highlights: This strain has a deliciously sweet and fruity tropical taste that will leave you savoring the smoke’s unique taste.  Be prepared, however, to notice a wonderful head high with body tingles. Some have even reported psychedelic distortions like sharpened focus on colors and sounds.   

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