AGLC Got Your Cannabis Needs Covered in Edmonton

With the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada, AGLC is all set to open more stores and offer high quality cannabis products in Edmonton and the nearby provinces. AGLC will accomplish this with the help of Aurora Cannabis Inc. Based on the set supply agreement; Aurora will supply sufficient quantity of cannabis products to meet the demands of adult consumers. AGLC will then take the responsibility over the cannabis product distribution to many different stores including the Budderweeds retail store.

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission or AGLC Cannabis Oil Marijuana Weed

Our Budderweeds Brand

Budderweeds is your most trusted cannabis product retailer mainly operating online. We handle mail order deliveries all over Canada including Edmonton and ensure discretion and privacy in every delivery. All information is encrypted, so clients are assured of their ultimate privacy in every purchase.

We take pride in being not just your typical cannabis brand. Our Budderweeds brand is a fun brand, “party in a bag.” Our products are specially designed for recreational users and stoners with age 19-60.

We offer a wide range of hand- selected and designer cannabis products which include the following:

Incorporate our cannabis products into your lifestyle, and you will surely enjoy the benefits of doing so. We have amazing deals and packages in our marijuanas, edibles, and cannabis oil products to suit your needs. We delivery discreetly and directly to your door in just a few days and we will never disclose your information to anyone.

Why Shop with Us?

Legal and safe access to recreational cannabis in Edmonton that’s discreetly and quickly delivered to your doorstep is what we can offer. If you shop with us, you will be able to enjoy extensive selections of cannabis oil products, marijuana, edibles and best strains of recreational cannabis available in Edmonton and all across Canada.

There are many good reasons to shop with us. These include but not limited to:

  • Discreet, reliable and safe deliveries
  • Encrypted and secure transactions
  • Loved and trusted by Canadians
  • With wide array of quality cannabis products to choose from

Budderweeds is a trusted online retailer of cannabis products. We provide safe and legal access to premium quality recreational cannabis to adult consumers in Edmonton and the nearby Canadian provinces. Placing your orders and delivery of cannabis products are made easy to make sure to connect with us for your unique cannabis needs.

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There is no better place to shop for the highest quality cannabis online than us. We are readily available and accessible to assist you in your needs. If you are interested to purchase, call us and place your orders now. For your safety and privacy, we ensure smell-proof and plain label packaging.

We only deliver to Canadian address so make sure to indicate your location properly. Orders will reach your location in just a couple of days, and until then, you can start enjoying our cannabis products. Order today!