Barrie, Get Ready for the Best Buds and Cannabis Oil

Budderweeds is a cannabis brand in Canada. Although the service tends to focus on the whole of Canada at large, this specific piece is dedicated to explaining its services in the city of Barrie situated in Ontario, Canada.

The goal of Budderweeds is to make all cannabis-related products available to the consumers within the residents of Barrie, Canada. It aims to make highly sought after products such as Marijuana Buds and cannabis oils available to all Canadians. Budderweeds will offer to people from the ages of 19+ within Barrie and across Canada.

Budderweeds does not intend to sell its cannabis for medical purposes that is why they are very determined to create a bond of transparency and honesty with their customers and users. Instead, they will offer their products towards recreational users; fun-loving party individuals to stoners to your average Joe who intends to combat their aches and pains the natural way.

DNA Genetics Cannabis Weed Marijuana

Who is DNA Genetics?

DNA Genetics is one of the main competitors of Budderweeds. DNA Genetics was established in Amsterdam about 13 years ago, a time where Amsterdam was the only city in the world allowing and legalized the dealing of Cannabis related products in an open market. From then the company initiators had set an objective of bringing together all cannabis users together and making it available to anyone in the whole of Europe who wishes to consume it.

By that time DNA Genetics had already made a special place in the cannabis community in the world. With every passing day, they move closer and closer to their vision, set when the company was first created nearly 13 years ago. Throughout the years, they have reached a global scale and have been recognized for their efforts worldwide, competing in various Cannabis Cup Competitions held throughout the world such as such as High Time Cannabis Cup, Spannabis as well as emerging cups such as the likes of the Emerald Cup and Expo Weed over in Chile.

They have also been awarded the High Times Trailer Blazers Award presented at the world’s first Cannabis Business Summit in the state capital of Washington DC and by the end of 2016, they were voted as the “best seed company” by online votes at the Happy Place Festival. DNA Genetics partnered with Canadian heavyweight Tweed, who has exclusive access to their seeds and strains.

Budderweeds seeks out this competition and looks to it in a friendly manner. You might be thinking that despite all the achievements mentioned in favour of DNA Genetics, why would one prefer Budderweeds? Well, for starters Budderweeds is the most esteemed and prestigious brand in Canada.

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