Budderweeds Cannabis Products Will be Carried by the SAQ

Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis SAQ SQDC

With the legalization of recreational cannabis only a few months away, Bill 157 which established the SQA or the Société Québécoise du Cannabis was adopted last month. The SQA is a government established corporation that will be responsible for trade of cannabis within the province of Quebec. This means that cities such as Montreal and Quebec City as well as the rest of Quebec will be expected to purchased their cannabis from one of the Société Québécoise du Cannabis stores that are being set up to sell various cannabis products. These stores will carry various brands of cannabis products including some products like marijuana flowers and Cannabis oil from Budderweeds.

What is Budderweeds?

Budderweeds is a online retailer of recreational designer cannabis products. All of their products are hand selected to ensure quality. We here at Budderweeds will ship our products all over Canada including Montreal and Quebec City as well as more out of the way places. Some of the products we sell include:

  • Cannabis oil– for those people who want to enjoy the effects of cannabis without the side effects of smoking.
  • High Quality extracts– Perfect for using in your vaporizer pens. Just remember that extracts contain more THC than the normal weed that is smoked so it takes less for you to feel the effects.
  • Craft grown weed – Can also be used in vaporizer pens

While we sell our cannabis products for recreational use many of customers also use our products for pain relief (our products are non-medical). Our products are equally well like by first time users as well as the avid connoisseur.

How We Ship Our Products?

Many of our customers depend on us to keep their order confidential and we do just that by shipping every single order in an odor free package. We also ship all of our products with a plain label so no one can read where the package is coming from. Your package will be delivered directly to your door to further ensure your privacy as well as for your convenience. We also promise you that we will never release any of your personal information for any reason.

Why Choose Budderweeds Cannabis Products?

If you are wondering why you choose Budderweeds Cannabis products the answer is quite simple. Not only are products high quality, but they are also reasonably priced. The fact that the SQA is carrying our Cannabis Oil and Marijuana gives the stamp of approval to the quality of our cannabis products. In addition since we ship all over Canada our products are not limited to just the province of Quebec, but can be purchased wherever you live within Canadian borders.

Since other provinces allow private stores to sell recreational cannabis products you can buy our products whenever you would like no matter where in this country live.

So if you are preparing to enjoy various high quality cannabis products once the legalization becomes official in October of this year, why not consider one or more of our products here at Budderweeds? You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.