Buy Weed in Ottawa

Why Marijuana?

The cannabis industry is exploding right now and with good reason. With Canadian legalization looming many folks are turning to cannabis for its myriad of health benefits and because let’s face it – weed is enjoyable.

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What are the Benefits of Marijuana?

First, a rundown on how marijuana works. Humans have a network of cannabinoid receptors found within their body; this is called the endocannabinoid system. One of the active cannabinoids in pot (THC) mimics cannabinoids naturally found within your body. THC binds to cannabinoid receptors, which affects things such as mood, sensation and memory.

Since THC is psychoactive it alters your mental state. Also, depending on the marijuana strain and its attributes weed can have uplifting or sedative effect. In other words, the strain of marijuana will give a certain character to your high.

Lots of people regard marijuana as ‘plant medicine’; they use it to relieve stress, anxiety, fear, pain, or anger. Since it’s a low risk drug people may turn to marijuana instead of taking other medication (that can have nasty side-effects), or as a less harmful alternative to other intoxicants.

Marijuana also enhances positive thought processes, inspiring:

  • Creativity
  • Relaxation
  • Energy
  • And more

Outside of recreational use marijuana has many wonderful health benefits as well, too numerous to name in this article (that’s an entire article topic in and of itself).

Budderweeds Marijuana

So you want to try weed in Ottawa, well you’ve found the right brand – Budderweeds. We offer a wide assortment of marijuana, including:

  • Indicas – This is on the more mellow, relaxing end of the spectrum. Choose between strains like Alien OG, Tom Ford Pink Kush, or Kraken.
  • Sativas – These strains are energizing and uplifting. Try strains like Citrus Skunk, or our pre-rolled joints.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid strains carry a little of both indica and sativa properties. Try Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, or OG Kush.
  • Hash – Premium Afghani hash. Sticky and rock hard. Hot knife it or sprinkle it in a joint.
  • Pre-rolled Joints – These are super convenient. If you don’t want to (or you can’t) roll joints but you love smoking then these babies are for you!
  • Ounce Specials – We usually have ounces on sale. Right now check out our Hawaiian Cookies ounce sale (available while supplies last).

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