Get Marijuana and Cannabis Oil in Toronto

Budderweeds is an online cannabis retailer and specializes in doing mail order deliveries across the whole of Canada, but this article is about deliveries to Toronto, Ontario. Budderweeds is a fun company, projected towards wild and carefree individuals. We’ll make sure that our customers get the highest quality cannabis at the most reasonable rates.

DNA Genetics Cannabis Weed Marijuana

One of the main competitors of Budderweeds is DNA Genetics…

which also operates and provides services in different cities of the world. DNA Genetics is one of the most successful cannabis retailer brand in Europe, established in Amsterdam over 13 years ago. At that time, Amsterdam was perhaps the only legal marketplace for the dealing and buying of cannabis openly.

During that period, DNA Genetics made extensive efforts and established themselves as one of the most prestigious Cannabis dealers across the whole of Europe. They held the vision and belief of creating a global and mainstream cannabis culture, uniting the people who use cannabis products. This vision became a competitive advantage. DNA Genetics has also grabbed a lot of prestigious trophies and awards.

DNA Genetics has teamed up with Tweed, a giant Canadian brand owned by an even bigger Canadian company – Canopy Growth. These 2 companies are well positioned to hit the Canadian market in a big way.

But tackling all of these achievements is Budderweeds, a new Cannabis retailer in town who is hellbent on giving DNA Genetics a run for their money. This brand is particularly redirected to stoners or recreational users who are adults (19+). Budderweeds offers some of the most sought after products in the Cannabis Market such as Marijuana And Cannabis Oil.

Budderweeds does not intend to sell it’s cannabis for medical purposes, we sell to the recreational market.

Where other cannabis retailers around the globe tend to sell mainstream products, Budderweeds offers a wide variety of hand selected and designer cannabis products that will be sure to delight you. These include our fabulous THC and CBD infused candies and teas, numerous strains of craft grown flowers, high potency extracts (distillate, shatter and hash) and vaporizer pens.

One of the other factors that sets apart Budderweeds is how important they consider providing exceptional service to their customers at reasonable rates. They hold the vision that high quality cannabis at reasonable and affordable rates should be available to all sorts of users at all times.

You can get the finest quality of Cannabis products, specially Marijuana and Cannabis Oil in Toronto, Canada. One of the other major reasons why you should opt for Budderweeds over any other Cannabis retailer brand in the world is that they keep your information and private details off the record.

Packages are delivered discreetly to your door in a couple days, but only to Canadian addresses. They ensure safety and discretion with smell proof and plain label packages. All data is kept encrypted at all times in order to protect the customer’s privacy. Budderweeds provides timely orders and offer a special guarantee if the package is not delivered for whatever reason.