Buying weed online Vancouver is a convenient way to purchase recreational cannabis. However, first-time buyers may not be sure of where or how to buy their weed online in Vancouver, so we’ve created a comprehensive buyers guide for anyone interested in buying weed online. Indica, Sativa, buy weed online, weed, cannabis, shop online, marijuana, buy marijuana, CBD, THC Is it Legal to Buy weed Online in Vancouver? It is 100% legal to buy weed online in Vancouver! This is great news for anyone living in Vancouver that wants to buy weed online, giving a simple and convenient location to purchase their cannabis. Anyone buying weed online in Vancouver must be 19 or over and have address based in British Columbia. You are limited to buy 30g of cannabis product per online transaction, which is the same amount as legal possession in public. Where Can I Buy Weed Online in Vancouver? Currently you can only buy weed online in Vancouver at BC Cannabis Stores. This is a government operated online retail store and is the only place people in Vancouver can buy their weed. Furthermore, the only physical retail store selling weed anywhere in British Columbia is in Kamloops. So, anyone living in Vancouver looking to buy weed in any capacity will want to use BC Cannabis Stores, unless they want to make a round trip to Kamloops! What Type of Weed Can I Buy Online in Vancouver? BC Cannabis Stores has a varied range of legal cannabis products for sale. This includes dried flower, oil and capsules, pre-rolls, and various accessories like grinders, pipes, and rolling papers. There are currently over 20 different cannabis brands available on BC Cannabis Stores, with each one selling their own unique strains. This leaves a fantastic range of products to choose from if you want to buy legal weed online in Vancouver. Prices do vary depending on potency and overall quality, with prices per gram starting as low $6.99. Higher end strains top around $15 per gram, so there is certainly a decent range of price options to suit most budgets. How to Buy Weed Online in Vancouver To buy weed online in Vancouver you need to visit BC Cannabis Stores. Using the online store for buying weed couldn’t be easier, as you only need to create a guest account to purchase products. Simply choose the cannabis product you want and then add it to your cart. A great feature on the site is that there are high quality images of each cannabis and detailed information about their flavour profile, THC and CBD content, and the type of high to expect. Make sure to select an appropriate weight if buying dried cannabis flower, which is sold in 1g, 3.5g, and 7g weights, and the quantity of each product you buy. Once you’ve chosen your weed, simply head to the checkout and provide the necessary information, including name, date of birth, and your address in Vancouver. Select a payment option then simply wait for you weed to get delivered! You need to verify your age when signing for your delivery. BC Cannabis Stores require two forms of ID. This includes a government-issued ID or an ID your name, date of birth, and a photo, as well as an ID with an imprint of your name and signature. How Your Weed is Delivered
  • Cannabis products are delivered using standard shipping via Canada Post
  • The shipping fee is a flat rate of $8 plus applicable taxes
  • Government issue photo ID with name and DOB and a second ID with a name imprint and signature must be presented when accepting the parcel to verify age
  • Orders are trackable using the tracking number and link to Canada Post in your confirmation email
  • Anyone 19 or older can accept the delivery on your behalf providing they have ID