There are so many new cannabis brands in the recreational market that standing out from the crowd is quite the challenge. Yet Irisa has managed to stand out from most recreational brands as they are focusing towards one of the most underutilized cannabis user demographics- women. Indica, Sativa, buy weed online, weed, cannabis, shop online, marijuana, buy marijuana, CBD, THC About Irisa Irisa is a new recreational cannabis brand that was formed by a collective of women (and a few men) that wanted to create cannabis products that spoke to the modern women. They want to shed the cliché stereotype that cannabis users are nothing more than lazy stoners and prove that cannabis has much more to offer than just getting baked. Irisa cannabis products are designed to be part of your everyday wellness and self-care routine. Like any daily routine designed at improving wellness, Irisa cannabis products offer positive effects on the mind and body, with strains chosen for their unique properties that compliment aspects of everyday life. Irisa Cannabis Oil Products Irisa currently specialises in concentrated cannabis oils. There are four main strains available, inspired by the elements that make up the day, with each one offering unique characteristics that benefit your self-care routine. From helping with sleep and relaxation to developing an inner calm, these products are about offering a positive wellness experience. Irisa Sun is an oil blend with high CBD content, with a 3:11 THC to CBD ratio. This cannabis oil strain is suitable for starting your day with a spring in your step, whether you’re enjoying a day off, hitting the gym, or meeting a friend for lunch. Irisa Earth is a balanced cannabis oil with a 3:5 THC to CBD ratio. This strain aims to provide clarity and mindfulness to the day, with a few drops being suitable household tasks or even a spot of meditation. Irisa Moon is all about rest and relaxation. With a 5:1 THC to CBD ratio, it’s a strain that hits the mind and body in the perfect ways, allowing for deep relaxation whether on your day off or after a hard day’s work. Irisa Stars is designed to inspire and delight for those late-night activities. Available in both concentrated oil and massage oils, Irisa Stars offers an uplifting and euphoric experience that makes the evening time even more enjoyable. The 4:3 THC to CBD ratio is balanced but powerful enough to give you that desired edge. Irisa Pre-Rolls Coming Soon to a Store Near You While only their cannabis oils are currently available at recreational stores, Irisa is planning to release pre-roll joints very soon. These joints feature the exact same strains featured in the cannabis oils, just in the dried cannabis flower form that most people are familiar with. Each one carries the same properties and characteristics as the oils, making them an alternative way to introduce cannabis into wellness routines. They also carry more flavour and aroma compared to cannabis oils while the effects hit much quicker.