All You Need to Know About The Dosidos Strain

Dosidos, pronounced Do-Si-Dos, is the popularly used indica dominant hybrid strain, which has many great qualities  and resembles the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain in bud structure and its effects. The flavour of the Dosidos strain is what typically attracts cannabis smokers and this is actually inherited from the GSC Strain. You can experience a taste of both worlds as you feel euphoric and relaxed simultaneously while smoking the strain. This strain is popularly called various names, such as, GSC, Dosey Do, Cookie Face, Raspberry Cookie and Peanut Butter. What is the Dosidos Strain? Dosidos is a superior quality dankenstein strain, which is grown for its potency and soothing effects. This strain crosses two OG Kush relatives and the potency of the strain reflects this relationship, it is harvested by mixing two of the popular OG Kush strains to achieve the perfect balance so as to give its smokers a smooth taste with the potent effects of OG Kush. Features of Dosidos Strain:
  • Harvested for potency and taste
  • 50/50 high quality balanced hybrid
  • Can help with the treatment of []
  • Indica body high and cerebral high
  • It can be enjoyed with the flower vape
Dosidos Strain – Sativa or Indica Dosidos is considered a magical strain due to the perfect combination of both indica and sativa. There are a variety of reasons that this strain has gained it’s popularity. This strain is commonly used both for medicinal and recreational purposes. It is known as the well balanced indica strain and its potency is in part due to the trichomes that conceal the strain and create its unique smell. The strain is grown in a popcorn shaped plant bud, which is bright green in colour and gives a ripe smell when ground. THC Percentage in Dosidos Strain If you are well versed in strains, you will know that OG Kush is popular today for its high THC levels and for this reason most cultivators will wait until the time when the Dankenstein turns into OG Kush and the THC heavy relatives. Similarly,  the Dosidos Strain is a balanced hybrid that usually contains over 24% THC. The strongest version of the strain can have a THC level, up to 30%, which is the highest amongst the majority of flower products. The Taste of Dosidos Strain The Dosidos strain is the most potent strain and has a unique smell. When consumed, the taste variation contains pine, a slight sweetness, and an earthy taste.   smoking do si dos strain How Much Does Dosidos Strain Cost? Most online retailers today sell the seeds of the Dosidos strain online, but it is suggested for smokers to purchase only the strains from the reputable sellers like Cheech’s Private Stash. They have dispensaries across Nevada and North America where the strain is sold at a reasonable price of $15, the strain can also be found in other dispensaries or online.            

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