Buy THC Gummies, Weed Lube and Cannabis Suppositories in Sacramento

Sacramento: the capital city of California and some even say, the capital city for cannabis products. You can find everything from THC infused gummies to cannabis suppositories and weed lube. Marijuana edibles are increasing in popularity just look at this graph from google.

Cannabis Dispensary in Sacramento

Weed Lube for Sex in Sacramento

Dani Pepper offers an amazing weed lube for natural arousal. It’s formulated especially for women and serves the purpose of enhancing orgasms

Cannabis Suppositories in Sacramento

Danni Pepper also offers a range of suppositories and one of their most popular products are rectal suppositories!

Buy THC Gummies in Sacramento

Best Cannabis Dispensary in Sacramento

Where to find the best dispensary in Sacramento

Is Marijuana legal in California?

Both medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries are open in California. Adults 21 years of age or older with a valid, government issued ID are able to shop at any recreational dispensary in the state.

Consuming Cannabis in California

Can I take marijuana across state lines?

No. Exporting marijuana across state lines, whether driven or through the mail, is illegal in the state of California (Even if the state you are exporting to has legalized recreational cannabis).

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