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The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use of industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC content, and now everyone wants a try! CBD is short for Cannabidiol, and it’s currently being researched for it’s ability to help with a variety of different conditions from anxiety to pain relief! THC is the substance found in cannabis that gets you high, but in concentrations of 0.3% or less, there is no chance you will experience any untoward affects. What’s more is that you’ll pass your drugs test too, so no wonder so many people in San Antonio want to get their hands on CBD. CBD products can be consumed in many ways, and among the most popular approaches in San Antonio are edibles! Balance CBD will allow you to get CBD edibles in San Antonio in the comfort of your house, and your edibles will be with you in no time at all! From mouth watering gummies, to sour gummies and candy check out Balance CBD’s full range of edibles to buy in San Antonio today! You’ve probably heard about your friends and family vaping in San Antonio right? It’s another popular way that CBD can be taken and this is because vaping is one of the quickest ways that you could experience the effects of CBD. The issue is that vaping can seem frightening if you are new to the concept. best-cbd-store-san-antonio

San Antonio CBD Vape Pens

There is so many vape pens out there, and what is more that is that CBD oil, vape juice, e-juice, e-additives and e-liquids are all names for the same item that’s employed in vape pens. It’s typical for vape shops to sell you a product that you don’t need or understand how to use, so to make things easy for all those new to CBD, and even experienced vapors in San Antonio we offer a disposable vape pen! It comes pre-loaded with vape oil for you to use! If you already have a vape pen, then why not refill with one of our vape cartridges that are available in many different flavors? We also offer JUUL compatible CBD vape cartridges! However, if you have a vape, or even use a JUUL then we sell a vast assortment of vape cartridges and JUUL compatible cartridges. Balance CBD’s wide assortment of flavors that will turn vaping CBD in San Antonio into a great experience! Let Balance CBD enlighten your vaping experience in San Antonio! Tinctures are among the most popular products in San Antonio, particularly amongst first time CBD consumers. A CBD tincture is a concentrated liquid that’s intended to be taken in smaller doses.

CBD Tinctures in San Antonio

One of the best ways to take a tincture is sublingually! This means dropping a small amount under your tongue. For ease of use, we now include a built-in dropper which will allow you to shoot small, carefully measured amounts of CBD! Since the doses of CBD are comparatively small, it can be also be treated in a selection of different ways. They can be mixed in with food and our unflavoured tincture is great to mix with any sort of meal! Everything from a soup into a curry! If you fancy you can add the tincture to your daily coffee or tea, and then all of a sudden CBD tinctures become much more relaxing than usual! If an unflavored tincture isn’t something, then Balance CBD have a broad assortment of other flavors that you can pick from! After all, we know that San Antonio residents have great taste.

Best CBD Store in San Antonio

We’re third party verified and laboratory tested. Our products do not contain THC that will get you high, so there is no need to worry about failing a drugs test! Made from industrial hemp grown in the USA, our products are proudly American. Go to Balance CBD’s online store today!

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