The Best Strains of All Time

There is so much competition among the weed strains in today’s market that it often is a difficult job for the consumers to figure out which kind really is the best for them. Even though there are some extremely devoted of stoners, they still get dazed when it comes to keeping a track of the latest weed strains. These include sour diesel, OG kush, blueberry, etc. It is an even bigger issue for the starters. Familiarize yourself with the best weed strains and figure out what really is out there in the market that would help you figure out the best path to take for your perfect high.

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Top Three Strains You Need To Try!

A lot of individuals ask us what stress they ought to locate and try. This is the reason why we created Budderweeds. We do not believe in forcing our choices on our customer, but we ensure to provide custom tailored solution to each customer’s need. Typically, our answers vary commonly according to the customer, area, and circumstance. Yet there are some strains that everybody need to try.

  1. Dutch Poison

This weed strain takes its origins from South Africa and is considered to be really joyful and surprisingly warm and has a flowery scent. It has been described by some as the perfect kind for a solo hang and compared the feeling as eating “delicious food and watching your favorite TV show. On the other hand, another reviewer also tried the Dutch Poison at home on a weekday and felt that his interest at work had transformed. So much so, that she did not want the feeling to end. In fact, six hours later she still was anticipating just one more puff.

  1. Sapphire Kush

The sapphire kush is basically a cross and has moss-green buds and a mild, grassy aroma. It originated from California. This kind of weed strain has elastic properties. These include the particular feeling of a user who could enjoy listening to music all night. Another reviewer related it with the time when received an early morning call and he was able to bring out all the good feelings just like a blanket before falling into deep sleep. Yet another reviewer recalled that he smoked sapphire kush at a cocktail party and was so engrossed in conversation, but kept zoning out and forgetting what was being said.


  1. Jet Fuel

The jet fuel is a green-brown bud that smells like basil. It actually reflects itself with a healthy antagonism. The user would suddenly find the world to be rather rich and productive. Two reviewers shared a laughter fit describing it and felt that they were being taken on a wild ride right through the Hollywood Hills by a chauffeur who rather appeared to suddenly lack any navigational skill. After using jet fuel, the user felt like life was rather like a crazy adventure. Many other researchers and reviewers mentioned that they felt creative after consumption while others even enjoyed oversleeping in peace.



Users can never really go mistaken with any strain of weed if they know that it has been grown organically. For various weed strains, one must make sure that they’ve looked up into each kind for its information regarding Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids before you use them to get a fair idea of what must be expected from a strain including its taste, texture, aroma, therapeutic and psychoactive effects. Sign up with Budderweeds today and enjoy VIP like experience as a Budderweeds member.