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Home of the Stampeders, Big Oil, and some of the most pristine vistas in the country, Calgary, Alberta is a heartland city. That means the people here are friendly, regardless of where you’re from. It’s a town dedicated to Canada’s cherished sense of enterprise, and you see that verve full tilt in their embrace of legal cannabis.

Since 2018’s Cannabis Bill, Calgary’s marijuana retail market has boomed. Licensed dispensaries operate throughout the city. The online ordering system has worked out its first-year kinks and runs liquid-smooth. This is great news! But it also means it can be hard to sort the mediocre shops from the best ones.

That’s where we come in. Read our guide to the best Calgary Dispensaries and the best place to order weed in Calgary. Our guide will help detail everything there is to know about buying weed online in Calgary. We’ll also detail the simple steps available to get Mail Order Marijuana in Calgary using a medical cannabis card – also known as the Budderweeds membership card.

A medical card is a cost-effective method of purchasing cannabis that’s popular in Calgary.

How to Buy Weed Online Calgary

Ordering weed online in Calgary is easy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some snags in the process. Licensed companies sell their cannabis products through many channels. Since 2015, the most common way to buy weed is through mail order marijuana Calgary. Mail order cannabis requires a medical card. With it, licensed producers are legally allowed to sell to their customers directly.

If you do not have a medical card, you can order cannabis by visiting a dispensary or ordering online through Alberta Cannabis. We have tips on finding the best stores in Calgary later in the article, but first, we’ll explain the fast and legal method of obtaining a medical card – you can check out our great range of strains and edibles.

Mail Order Marijuana Calgary – Medical Cannabis Authorization Card

Looking for a tasty sativa strain to take with you down the Bow River? Dispensaries in the city work in a pinch, but if you want to order weed online fast to your doorstep in Calgary, then you can do that with a Medical Cannabis Authorization Card.

With a medical card, you can purchase legal weed at lower prices than what you find when browsing the Alberta Cannabis website. That’s because medical cannabis eschews some of the overhead dispensaries must charge to cover their expenses, not to mention the taxes placed on recreational weed. Cheaper high-quality cannabis — what’s not to like?

Getting a medical cannabis card takes less than ten minutes. All you have to do is fill out our form to sign up, and a medical professional will contact you over email to approve the application. Within 24 hours, you will have a medical card and the freedom to order weed online straight from legal producers.

Online Dispensary in Calgary

Searching for an online dispensary in Calgary can be irksome. There are many to choose from and most cannabis aggregate websites miss out on the newest and best. If mail order marijuana isn’t something you wish to try, then we recommend sticking with your provincial cannabis store, Alberta Cannabis.

For those of you willing to visit a brick and mortar dispensary, you must try the Budderweeds store locator to find a “dispensary near me” in Calgary. The search tool locates all the stores in a specific radius, including shops that Google Maps often misses due to inaccurate data.

Frequently Asked Questions – Buy Weed in Calgary?

Where can I buy weed in Calgary?

You can buy weed in Calgary at a legal Calgary dispensary or provincial store. Beware of ordering cannabis products in Calgary from the unregulated market. You can also buy marijuana in Calgary direct from Budderweeds, simply sign up to our membership card. Our membership card will provide you access to medical cannabis – these are the same high quality cannabis products that are found in legal cannabis stores such as Alberta Cannabis, however when you buy direct from Budderweeds the prices are much lower.

What is a medical cannabis card?

While a medical cannabis card is a solution for doctor patients that have an illness. The medical cannabis system has been in place since 2015, and it’s only gotten better since recreational legalization in 2018.

A medical cardholder has access to some of the freshest 5-star strains on the market. The best part? You can order cannabis from legal producers that sell directly to customers, which means you won’t pay recreation prices.

You can sign up for a Budderweeds membership card for Calgary today.

How Can I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Calgary?

There’s just one step in the way from you qualifying for a medical marijuana card, and that’s our easy to fill out application.

You won’t be asked anything too personal, just your name, birthdate, address, and the injury or issue you want cannabis to help you with.

Medical marijuana legislature list more than fifty issues that qualify for a medical card.

Within 24 hours of applying, a health professional will approve your form and send you your membership card.

What are the benefits of a medical cannabis card?

With a medical cannabis card in hand, you’ll have access to a host of high-quality cannabis from licensed producers across the country. Because you do not have to go through a dispensary, the prices are cheaper, saving you money on every purchase. The medical cannabis system is entirely online, so you’ll never enter a store to pick up your product. Mail order marijuana will arrive at your door in Calgary without you ever leaving home.

How much does a membership card cost?

A membership card from Budderweeds is free of charge.

Where can I find a dispensary near me in Calgary?

When hunting for a cannabis store in the city, we recommend ditching G-Maps and trying the Budderweeds store locator. The handy tool will match you with the top shops around you — just type in “dispensary near me” in Calgary to find your next favorite buzz.

How long will it take for my mail order cannabis to arrive in Calgary with a medical card?

Mail order cannabis partners with Canada Post. They provide tracked shipments that arrive in Calgary within three to five business days. Products are shipped in discreet packaging. Note that the purchaser will need to show ID to the postal worker when it is delivered.

How much does a medical cannabis card cost?

You don’t have to pay anything for a medical card — they’re free. The only thing you need to do is fill out the Budderweeds application and start saving on every purchase today.

How much money can I save compared to visiting a dispensary in Calgary?

Medical cannabis customers save more on average than recreational customers. You get the same 5-star strains, fresh from legal producers, but minus the overhead costs. What does this add up to? Weed in Calgary bought with a medical card is up to 60% cheaper than product in government stores!

Online Dispensary in Calgary

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