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Drummondville is a city in the Center-du-Québec area of Quebec, found east of Montreal on the Saint-François River. The populace as of the Canada 2016 Census was 68,601. The city hall leader of Drummondville is Alexandre Cusson. Drummondville is the seat of Drummond Regional County Municipality, and of the legal area of Drummond.

Drummondville was established in June 1815 by Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Heriot. The reason for the town was to give a home to British troopers in the War of 1812 and to watch the Saint-François (St Francis) River against American assaults. The town was named after Sir Gordon Drummond, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada somewhere in the range of 1813 and 181.

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Weed Dispensary Drummondville

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Drummondville, 965, boul. St-Joseph, Drummondville

Store opening timings are from 9 am to 5 pm.

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Drummondville Dispensary No Card

You need to give your ID card when you need to purchase weed from a cannabis dispensary in Drummondville. We simply need a photograph of the Card you have and we can handle the buy immediately.

CBD Oil Dispensary Drummondville

In the event that you need CBD oil or any kind of CBD based edibles and so forth, you can search for CBD products on our site. We offer a wide range of CBD-based products in Drummondville. We are the solitary spot that offers both CBD and weed products in Drummondville. Every one of our products is of AAAA quality which implies you will get everything you need in one spot. Buying from our store is simpler than any cannabis dispensary in Drummondville. You simply need to choose what you need and transfer an image of your ID card. Your products will be conveyed to your doorstep.

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