Cannabis Investment in Canada

Cannabis will soon be legalized in Canada for recreational use. By 2025, the cannabis market has been estimated to be worth about $57 billion! In a few months, this legalization will take place in all parts of Canada, including Alberta. The first set of companies the Canadian government grants approval will definitely be at the top of the game. Investors whose countries haven’t legalized cannabis, can switch over to Canada to get some weed action. The cannabis business may be a very profitable one but investors must ensure they carry out the research. That is, before carrying out long term investments.

Cannabis Investment in Canada. Cannabis Stocks

Some Canadian cannabis companies that can be invested in include:

OrganiGram Holdings

OrganiGram has a market capital of $714.11 million. The company is involved with dry cannabis and cannabis oil. OrganiGram gives an assurance to customers that all their produces are organic but OrganiPharma retrieved some of the company’s products in 2016. This was due to some amount of pesticides found in the products. In one year, the company’s stock has an average 145% return.

The Hydropothecary Corporation

This Corporation has a market capital of $965.05 million. It’s the only cannabis health producer which has a license in Quebec, Canada. The best part is the company is working towards launching a new brand, Hexo, solely for recreational use of cannabis. In the past year, Hydropothecary Corporation stock has gone up to 203%.

The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc.

The Supreme Cannabis Company has a market capital of $441.64 million. It produces cannabis under its fully owned subsidiary company, 7Acres. The company has a plan this year to make a financing deal of 55 million Canadian dollars to extend its greenhouse and labor requirements. Its stock did well last year 2017 but in 2018, it isn’t doing so great. The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. has a low stock return of about 3.6% in one year.

Namaste Technologies Inc.

This Company has an interesting market capital of $440.39 million. Unlike other cannabis companies, Namaste Technologies Inc. is focused on web based medical cannabis business. The company successfully operates in 20 countries around the world with 32 sites. Namaste Tech added CannMart Inc., which has a distribution network in Toronto, to their subsidiaries. This makes it easier for Namaste Technologies e-commerce website to advance in retail distribution. Namaste Technologies Inc. has a high stock of 742% in the past year.

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