Cannabis Suppository

When we think of cannabis consumption smoking immediately comes to mind first, which makes sense given how many people inhale cannabis, whether smoking a joint, pipe, or bong. Vaporizers are also a popular way to consume cannabis through inhalation, offering a similar high to smoking but with fewer health risks. Ingesting cannabis is also a popular choice. From weed brownies to tincture oils, there are countless ways to consume cannabis without needing to burn or vaporize. These methods are often popular among cannabis patients that are using for the first time and want to avoid smoking. But there is an overlooked method of cannabis consumption that is quietly becoming more popular – cannabis suppositories. budderweeds-cannabis-suppositories

What is a Cannabis Suppository?

Cannabis suppositories are concentrated forms of cannabis that are administered through either the vagina or rectum. They’re much the same as other medical suppositories, providing patients that may struggle to ingest with a way to consume cannabis.

Why Use a Cannabis Suppository?

People are using cannabis suppositories to consume cannabis for a few reasons. The first is that cannabis suppositories, like all medical suppositories, have a fast absorption rate. When inserted into the body they are placed close to cellular walls, causing them to be absorbed into the bloodstream much faster than almost any other consumption method. When compared to inhaling cannabis, using a suppository allows the body to process even more of the plant, as anywhere from 20-50% is lost through inflation. So, if using a cannabis suppository your body receives more the medicinal value of the plant than it would from inhaling. Many people using cannabis suppositories do so through necessity. For example, if [] makes it impossible to ingest or inhale, then a suppository is an effective alternative. This has led many to use cannabis suppositories as a treatment in palliative care. Furthermore, using a cannabis suppository also bypasses one of the less desirable effects, with little to no head high. While many love the high from cannabis, many using it for medical purposes are not seeking the psychoactive effects, which is why suppositories are becoming a popular choice among many patients using cannabis. Your body enjoys the medical benefits of the cannabis but won’t leave you feeling high, which is perfect for anyone that doesn’t use cannabis recreationally. buy-cannabis-suppositories-online-budderweeds

Types of Cannabis Suppositories

There are two main types of cannabis suppositories – vaginal and rectal. Each one has different uses, so women should always consider what they require from the treatment to ensure they choose the right type of suppository.

Where to Buy Cannabis Suppositories

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