Irisa is a cannabis brand offering products that cater towards wellness and self-care. Proving that cannabis users are lazy stoners is nothing more than an ancient stereotype, Irisa is a brand taking cannabis into the new age. Indica, Sativa, buy weed online, weed, cannabis, shop online, marijuana, buy marijuana, CBD, THC Their cannabis products cater towards the modern women looking to introduce cannabis as part of the wellness routine. Irisa also wants to educate newer users on the aspects of cannabis use, including how terpenes influence flavour, what the positive effects THC and CBD, and much more. This isn’t about getting baked, but rather unleashing the positive potential the plant has on the mind and body. Of course, this means occasionally getting baked too – relaxation is an important part of well-being after all! Irisa currently has four cannabis oil products for sale. These are sold at provincial online retailers, including Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis. Rather than giving these products names found on typical weed products, Irisa takes a much simpler approach. They sell four cannabis oils that are inspired by the four elements affecting people each day. Each one is blended to ensure the optimal effects for the user. Sun is a cannabis oil blend with a 3:13 ratio of THC to CBD. Using ethanol extraction, the oil is blended with other ingredients and the terpenes are removed. This results in a tasteless oil that is easy to ingest. Sun offers positive effects on the mind, including uplifting feelings and improved focus. Earth is a cannabis oil blend with 3:5 ratio of THC to CBD. It also uses ethanol extraction to produce more potent oil with similar positive effects to the Sun oil, including a clear and focused mindset. There is also no taste with the terpenes removed, resulting in easy ingestion with no unpleasant aftertaste. Moon is a cannabis oil blend with only THC content. It’s rather potent compared to the other oils, making it especially helpful for sleeping and deep relaxation. Due to its strength, the oil is mostly recommended for use in the evenings for unwinding. Finally, there is Stars, a cannabis oil blend with a 4:3 ratio of THC to CBD. Again, there is no taste whatsoever, while the oil is intended for late night fun. Furthermore, Stars is available as a massage oil for a fun-filled massage with that special someone. Irisa currently only sells cannabis oils but they are soon releasing dried flower pre-rolls too. These use the same cannabis flower used to create the oils, but in a more standard format. This appeals to the more traditional cannabis user as well as anyone looking for a more social experience. Effects remain mostly the same regardless, so make sure you try them out! If you are interested in trying Irisa cannabis oils, make sure to head to your local online cannabis retailer. Here, you’ll find Irisa and many other brands, including the upcoming Budderweeds brand. Budderweeds takes a similar approach to their cannabis, taking the time and effort to produce only the best strains. Budderweeds also produces a wide selection of cannabis oils much like Irisa. So, if you like these keep an eye out for Budderweeds oils along with their dried flower products.