Kiwi Cannabis Brand By Maricann

Kiwi is a new recreational cannabis brand that is part of the Wayland Company, best known as the people behind Mericann. In fact, all Kiwi cannabis products are brought to you by Mericann, using the same meticulous cultivation processes to guarantee quality. All strains are carefully chosen for their unique properties that will appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers.


Cannabis products from Kiwi are just rolling out onto online provincial stores. You may find them at  Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis. There is only one strain currently available at these stores, although an additional three more are arriving soon.

Kiwi Cannabis Reviews

Kiwi aims to provide a simple but quality cannabis product range. These are designed to be easy to understand and not too overwhelming for users, with strains chosen for their low THC properties. This makes Kiwi cannabis a good choice for first-time users that want to enjoy a pleasant high without getting overwhelmed.

Moreover, this is good for better understanding cannabis products. All the terminology and complex nature of strains isn’t easy to understand for new users, so Kiwi plans to keep things simple. This means strains are all jargon-free and straight-forward to understand.

Kiwi Cannabis Products

There are plans for more balanced strains too, which should appeal to experienced cannabis users as well. These will feature a balance of THC and CBD to provide a pleasant high suitable for various scenarios, from socializing to relaxing at night.

The first strain currently available by Kiwi is Mango Haze. It’s a balanced hybrid strain, meaning the CBD and THC levels are similar. THC for Kiwi’s Mango Haze is 6-9%, while the CBD is 8-21%. This balance offers a pleasant high that uplifts but also calms. You won’t feel too baked, possibly even feeling energetic and creative.

As a Sativa strain the buds take on a longer shape similar to pinecones. These long buds are a light shade of green and covered with vibrant hairs in orange and yellow hues. With a name like Mango Haze, it’s little surprise that the strain has distinctively fruity aroma, with hints of mango and citrus.

Trimmed and sorted by hand, Kiwi’s Mango Haze is a premium quality dried flower that users of every level will appreciate. It is currently available in standard dried flower weights and as pre-roll joints.

Kiwi has plans to launch an additional three strains in the near future. These should arrive at the same stores where their Mango Haze is available, which includes the main provincial retailers. Keep checking their sites for updates on Kiwi’s latest cannabis strains!

Kiwi Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

There are many other exciting new cannabis brands hitting these stores too. Budderweeds is one such brand, currently cultivating craft-grown cannabis plants for recreational users. Their products are varied and include Marijuana Edibles and dried flowers, with plans to launch these at major provincial retail sites soon.

Budderweeds strains are hand-selected for their unique flavours, aromas, and effects. These are suitable for every type of cannabis users, whether first-timers or long-term users.

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