LBS – Fire & Flower Cannabis

LBS is a new recreational cannabis brand that is part of the Canopy Growth company. With the slogan ‘Worth its Weight in Gold’, LBS is confident they’re producing some of the best weed around. This is also a nod to the history of the brand, which traces back to California, ‘the Golden State’.


LBS Cannabis Reviews

The brand is certainly poised to do big things in the recreational market, namely for their quality cannabis growing methods. Strains are hand-selected for their unique properties while only the best growing processes are used. This is all done to ensure the utmost quality for every cannabis plant grown under the LBS brand.

LBS is currently shipping products to the main provincial retail stores. So, check Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis to see what’s available!

Currently, the LBS has developed a selection of potent strains cannabis enthusiasts will appreciate. Expect more in the future too, with the brand starting to expand their range of products in the coming months.

LBS Cannabis Products

Sunset is one of LBS’ newest strains available at provincial cannabis stores. An Indica-dominant hybrid, Sunset has an impressively high THC content of 18-28% – this is as powerful as it gets. As the name suggests, the strain is recommended for use during the evening time once you’re done for the day.

This is because the potent strain offers a relaxing high and that both uplifts and unwinds. It’ll get you to sleep much easier too, although may not be suitable for socializing or if you have lots to do. A unique blend of terpenes produces a distinct aroma, including notes of clove with a hint of spiciness.

Moonbeam is another LBS strain suitable for evening use, although it’s also a fine choice for a relaxing afternoon smoke. It’s similarly potent to Sunset, with Moonbeam’s THC content reaching 18-28%.

While cannabis aficionados certainly appreciate this potent strain, newer users may want to build up a tolerance first!  Expect feelings of relaxation and possible sleepiness too, although it also offers a pleasantly uplifting high.

Palm Tree CBD is LBS’ milder strain, featuring a balanced CBD and THC content. THC is mid-range at 4-16% so is a good choice for those new to cannabis use as it won’t feel too powerful. The CBD content is higher than most as 6-12%, which offers a very calming high, reducing anxiety and stress.

The Indica-dominant strain consists of dense nugs in a vibrant lime-green colour with subtle purple hues and dark orange hairs. Ocean View is a milder THC strain (9-16%) with little CBD. Buds on this Sativa-dominant strain are densely packed and feature a lovely aroma that is nice and sweet, like berries.

Make sure you check your provincial stores for these LBS strains and any new releases in coming weeks and months. Most cannabis brands continue to release strains at these provincial stores, along with many new brands too.

LBS Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

Budderweeds is a new cannabis brand coming very soon to provincial stores. Specialising in craft-grown cannabis flowers, Budderweeds is launching a range of mind-blowing strains at your local provincial store. Keep an eye out for Budderweeds dried flower and cannabis oils!

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