Microdosing Marijuana Gets Even More Micro In Canada

How low can you go? These edibles will get you mellow but maybe not high.


Photo by Scott Webb via Unsplash

For a growing number of cannabis consumers, less is more. Microdosing, the simple act of consuming less marijuana in order to achieve a milder psychoactive effect, has become something of an industry trend over the past few years.

Budderweedsa Canadian cannabis brand, has tweaked the concept and will be introducing hyper-microdosed edibles upon the legalization of edibles in 2019. The company said it is releasing some of the lowest-dosed cannabis-infused edibles in the Canadian market.

“Everyone interested in trying edible cannabis can benefit from such a low dosed edible.” Says Brittany Driver, Budderweeds’ media relations coordinator. “The new and inexperienced users, senior citizens who are maybe trying marijuana for the very first time, even parents who want to relax at the end of a long day but don’t want to be or feel “intoxicated” necessarily, all have an avenue to enjoy cannabis through microdosing with Budderweeds.”

We here at ‘The Fresh Toast’ have written about the microdosing movement hereherehere and here. The idea is not new, but Budderweeds’ product line hopes to tap into the customer base hoping for a more delicate experience.

The beauty of microdosing edibles is that the consumer knows how much THC is in the product, allowing him or her to enjoy the chocolate or brownie or candy in a more controlled way.

In most states and in Canada, the typical edible product will contain 10 mg of THC per serving. Budderweeds provides consumers with products registering as low at 5 mg THC per serving. According to the company press release:

The precision that can be achieved with a measurement that low allows consumers to find their necessary dose and avoid potential overindulgence of THC. For example, a person may find that 10 mg at once is too strong for them, but 5 mg once or twice a day will provide the effects they seek. A 20 mg serving might cause a casual cannabis user to call it a night but 15 mgs may hit that sweet spot where relief is provided without causing sleepiness.

Budderweeds will offer a line of micro-dosed gumballs, jelly beans and gummies.


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