Seven Oaks – Beleave Inc. Cannabis

Seven Oaks are a premium cannabis brand available at all provincial online cannabis retailers. The company aims to shed the cliched stoner stereotype and cater towards today’s modern professionals that love cannabis.


Seven Oaks Cannabis Reviews

They use their wealth of cannabis knowledge to produce one seriously impressive brand. Their strains are varied and potent, offering all the best that cannabis has to offer and then some. Each strain is hand-picked for its unique characteristics and grown using only the best techniques and processes.

Seven Oaks Cannabis Products

Seven Oaks currently has three dried cannabis flower strains available online. These are found at major sites include Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

Each one has unique characteristics that make them must-try bud, especially for long-time users that love high-quality weed. They’re notable for being on the stronger side, so new users may want to stay clear until they have more experience. Of course, if you want to jump in at the deep end then Seven Oaks has you covered!

Shishkaberry is the mildest strain from Seven Oaks with a moderate 11-16% THC content. An Indica-dominant hybrid, it begins with a strong high that tapers into a more mellow experience, while being very uplifting.

It made from two popular Indica strains including DJ Short Blueberry and a distant relative of the classic Afghani strain. As the name suggests, it has a nice berry-like aroma, while the bud itself is a deep green with a slight purple hue.

Cold Creek Kush takes things up a level in terms of strength with a 13-20% THC content. Another Indica-dominant hybrid, the strain has a blend of dark and light green colors across the bud. These unique colors are a result of the parent strains, which are a blend of MK Ultra (Indica-dominant) and Chemdawg 91 (Sativa-dominant).

Finally, there is the most powerful strain Seven Oaks has to offer – Ultra Sour. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Ultra Sour is a crossbreed of MK Ultra and Sour Diesel, resulting in one potent strain. THC levels range from 13 to 20%, while the high is very uplifting and euphoric.

Many say how it encourages thoughtful conversation, making it a fine choice for smoking with friends. It has a wonderful aroma too, blending a pungent sour and sweet smell that is unforgettable.

Seven Oaks sells these products as dried buds but will be releasing pre-roll joints very soon. Expect additional strains and many other products to hit stores over the months.

Seven Oaks Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

They aren’t the only cannabis brand launching new products this year and beyond. Budderweeds is a premium cannabis brand selling craft-grown dried flowers. Various strains are under development and will hit the shelves soon, while a range of delicious cannabis oils is coming from Budderweeds.

Budderweeds and Seven Oaks are prime examples of cannabis done right. These brands take the time and effort to grow only the best cannabis plants. Their selections are hand-picked to accommodate all tastes and preferences.

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