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Right after the legalization of cannabis, people have started to wonder where to buy the right marijuana products. There are many brands all across Canada, especially in Montreal that produce cannabis products for consumers. The problem is that majority of these products are made as per the regulatory standards of medicine.

E-commerce has been a boon during the opening year of the 2020s. With shopping malls and local shops setting erratic hours and reducing their product options, opening your laptop can seem like a trip to another dimension. Everything is available to us online, and yet recreational cannabis lags – to fill the void, Spectrum Therapeutics tried.

The Cannabis Act of 2018 changed the way Canadians buy weed, however, for many of us the change hasn’t been ideal. The provincial governments are slow at adapting to online ordering systems, and the consumer experience has been fraught with errors and bad service. We have faith it will get better, but that era is not here today or tomorrow.


Many Canadians have turned to mail order marijuana, and it’s time you try it, too. The medical marijuana system has been in place for well over a decade. Instead of buying from provincial stores, you can order cannabis flowers, edibles, oils, pre-rolls, and topicals from government-approved licensed producers – such as Budderweeds and Spectrum Therapeutics. It’s a direct buying and patient-focused system — that means they listen to your needs and offer discounts unheard of in recreational weed.

Our detailed article will show you how to apply to two companies that sell medical marijuana to thousands of customers every day; they are Spectrum Therapeutics and Budderweeds. We’ll explain everything there is to know about medical cannabis and what to expect when applying to Spectrum Therapeutics. This is the same cannabis product you will find on the Quebec Cannabis Store but fresher and at lower costs. What’s not to like?

Spectrum Therapeutics Medical Cannabis Products

Spectrum Therapeutics is a subsidiary of Canopy Growth, the biggest cannabis company in the world. The company began in 2013 outside of a small town in Ontario called Smith Falls. They sold medical marijuana through its original brand, Tweed. Since then the company has expanded to ten brands, including Tokyo Smoke, Houseplant, Martha Stewart, and Spectrum Therapeutics.

Although Canopy Growth sells medical weed through Tweed, their biggest medical brand is Spectrum Therapeutics. It’s an international brand with a patient-focused sales model. The brand aims to simplify cannabis products for patients that require streamlined medicines. You won’t find dried flowers with names like Darth Vader or Captain Crunch. The products in their shop are colour-coded. For example, Red 1 and Red 2 are their primary strains, sold in capsules, oil, and flower.

Product consistency is key to Spectrum Therapeutics. On the shop’s search bar, you can hone your options by selecting between six colours, each one promoting certain benefits over others. Red, orange, and purple are THC dominant; blue and green are balanced; yellow holds their CBD-based products. You can also buy Tweed and Craftgrow cannabis in the shop, but we’ll go into more detail in the section below.

If you’re interested in getting a medical card with Spectrum Therapeutics, the company offers you a few options. Patients with a family doctor versed in the potentials of cannabis can download the application form and hand it in for the doctor to sign and send it to Spectrum Therapeutics.

If you do not have a doctor or do not think he or she will be interested in medical cannabis for your diagnosis, then the company can set up an appointment with Apollo Cannabis Clinics. This is a third-party system that connects you with a health professional that can write prescriptions for marijuana.

Apollo Cannabis Clinics

Unlike Budderweeds, Spectrum Therapeutics cannot provide you with the resources and health professionals required to complete your medical card. If you do not have a doctor to write your prescription, then you can either apply through Budderweeds and have your medical card within twenty-four hours, or you can fill out Spectrum’s contact page and someone from Apollo Cannabis Clinics will reach out to you.

Apollo Cannabis Clinics’ application process can take one to two weeks. They have clinics in all major Canadian cities, or you can apply and talk to someone online. The steps are simple. After filling out a quick application, someone from the clinic will email you with a video call link, either through Zoom or Skype.

After vetting your health problems and making sure they align with a list of conditions, you will be connected to a cannabis educator. This man or woman will answer any questions you have and suggest what kind of products would fit with your lifestyle and other medications. A health professional writes your prescription that day and sends it over to Spectrum Therapeutics.

The interview will take around thirty minutes of your time, and the medical card validation with Spectrum a week or more. You cannot shop for medical marijuana at other licensed producers or websites with your membership to Spectrum; a medical card is linked to a company, so choose wisely.

Where to Order Medical Marijuana?

While you can stop into a clinic to buy medical cannabis, most customers purchase online. Ordering cannabis online is simple, and can be done either directly through a licensed producer or a company that pools multiple medical brands into a sort of one-stop-shop. Today, we’ll be looking at two producers who offer patients a medical program. They are Spectrum Therapeutics and Budderweeds.

Three Reasons to Choose Spectrum Therapeutics or Budderweeds for a Medical Cannabis Card

To buy medical marijuana and save money on weed, you need a medical marijuana card. It can be a digital ID or a physical card that you show at a dispensary. In this article, we’ll be going into the digital version, because the best weed can be purchased online. Your medical card is paired to a specific company, meaning that you can only buy medical weed from them. If you want to swap companies, you’ll have to transfer your prescription and then re-apply.

That’s why it’s important to get a medical card from a company that offers you the most choice and the best product. Larger licensed producers are perfect for this very reason: they have multiple strains for you to choose from, and they offer support and education to keep you informed.

The medical marijuana system operated beside or adjacent to the recreational system. You can still buy recreational weed, but we doubt you’ll go back. This is entirely legal. In fact, it was legal before recreational cannabis; millions of customers buy their marijuana products from LPS and aggregate websites every month. Below, we go over the three top reasons you need to apply for a medical card with Spectrum Therapeutics or Budderweeds.

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Lower Costs and Insurance Coverage

The biggest complaint about recreational cannabis is the cost. Grams selling for $10 and $15 aren’t uncommon, and it won’t be changing any time soon. With medical marijuana, companies offer their customers real value. You can save 20%, 30%, even 50% on your cannabis orders through Spectrum Therapeutics and Budderweeds. That’s because they offer compassionate pricing, sales to veterans and seniors, as well as free shipping on orders over $99.

Also, because you have a medical card, your cannabis purchases are appraised by the Canadian Revenue Agency as medical costs, and you can write them off at the end of the year. If you have a health plan with your employer, call them and check to see if they have a copay plan, which will further reduce your costs.

Produce Assurance and Guaranteed Fulfillment

Think of medical marijuana as akin to a pharmacy, not a dispensary. Patients need their medicines, and they rely on licensed producers to have a stable and reliable product. Your favorite strains, capsules, edibles, and topicals will not go out of stock. This product assurance means you can order when it’s good for you, not when the dried flower you’re looking for finally re-appears.

Because Spectrum Therapeutics and Budderweeds have been in business for years, your order will be fulfilled right away, without glitches or bugs getting in the way, and delivered to your door discreetly.

What Products Does Spectrum Therapeutics Sell?

As a subsidiary of the biggest cannabis company in the world, you’d expect Spectrum Therapeutics to sell a surfeit of marijuana, which isn’t quite the case. The company has favored reliability and stock stability over an endless strain list. The brand divides its products into colors or a spectrum; anything you buy will be funnelled into these categories.

Regardless of your color preference, you can buy Indica, Sativa, and hybrid dried flowers. The cannabis sells anywhere from $20 to $122.50 a jar. Those with disabilities or who have suffered job loss can apply for compassionate pricing, which takes off a percentage of your final bill. Veterans also have a chance to save money with a program that offers them discounts on cannabis, seeds, and devices.

When searching their product list by color, you’ll notice that other brands, such as Tweed and Craftgrow show up in your options. That’s because Spectrum Therapeutics sells other Canopy Growth products. With the Spectrum product list, patients have the freedom to follow the rigour of their spectrum color aid or buy popular strains that one would find on recreational websites, such as Bakerstreet or Kosher Kush.

Aside from capsules and dried flowers, you can also shop Tweed chocolates and CBD oils. There are vape cartridges at reduced prices, although the stock at this time is limited. You cannot buy any disposable vape pens, drinks, pre-rolls, hash, rosin, shatter, or kief on the Spectrum Therapeutics shop. If you are interested in any of these products, consider getting your medical card with Budderweeds.

The tertiary products are also quite limited. Canopy Growth has partnerships with PAX vaporizers, and last year the company purchased Storz and Bickel, which means you can buy high-end cannabis vaporizers straight from Spectrum Therapeutics. You won’t find, however, any papers, pipes, stash boxes, or bongs.

The Steps to Medical Marijuana Card with Spectrum Therapeutics

If shirking erratic supplies, saving money on orders, and getting fresh cannabis delivered to your door all sound appealing, then you need to get a medical marijuana card. Every licensed producer and government-approved website has a program in place to approve your application. Some take longer than others.

At Spectrum Therapeutics, expect the process to take around one to two weeks. Want medical cannabis faster? Then visit Budderweeds and fill out our form and we can email you a membership card in minute.

Get a prescription from your doctor

Visit your family practitioner and discuss the possibility of medical marijuana for your diagnosis. Those without a doctor or who need a second opinion must use Spectrum Therapeutics’ online application system.

Fill out an online application

The application takes less than thirty minutes and can be done from your laptop, PC, or smartphone.

Book video consult with a health professional

Spectrum Therapeutics will get you in touch with Apollo Cannabis Clinics. Use their invitation to book a video call. The vetting process is free and should take around thirty minutes.

Receive your Medical Cannabis Card via email

Apollo Cannabis Clinics will approve your application and send it to Spectrum Therapeutics’ database. They’ll set up your account and email you a medical card. It can take anywhere from one to two weeks. How long does a medical marijuana card last?

Your doctor or health professional will set the expiry date of your medical card, which can be three months or a year. You can email them before it expires to extend it.

What Is the Legal Age for a Medical Marijuana Card?

The legal age to get a medical marijuana card is the same as recreational cannabis in your province. In Alberta, the legal age is 18, and in Quebec, it is 21. For the rest of Canada, including Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, you must be 19. If you think your child should try medical cannabis, you can apply on their behalf, but the process is more rigorous and you must write a letter of consent.

Who Is Eligible for a Medical Marijuana Card?

Any citizen or landed resident of Canada is eligible for a medical marijuana card so long as they conform to the basic legal requirements. You must be of age and have a diagnosis, illness, or condition that the Federal Government has approved medical cannabis to treat. But don’t worry, your health professional at Budderweeds will guide you through the processes, so apply today to find out if you qualify.

Can Spectrum Therapeutics be used for fun?

Medical cannabis is widely used across the globe, and there is no problem with this. Products made from cannabis oil and cannabis flower have large numbers of health benefits. These health benefits have been proven by scientists worldwide. The problem is that even after these drugs being legal, there is still a lack of access to marijuana in Montreal.

The Spectrum cannabis trademark is producing medical cannabis products as per medical standards. This means that you can only buy the drug with a doctor’s prescription in hand and from a pharmacy. The soft gels by Spectrum are famous due to the composition of THC and CBD. The color of these soft gels determines the level of THC and CBD in them.