Strongest Indica Strains

Strongest Indica Strains

Strongest Indica Strains On The Market In 2022

Fan of indica? This cannabis strain acts as an incredible aphrodisiac with its calming, psychoactive and even sedative characteristics. Indica strains are high in resin for bud-lovers that love crystal-coated green. Indica lovers can ease the stress of daily life with the natural, enchanting high only this strain can provide. The relief Indica provides is endless. However, the experience varies by each indica strain type. As an aficionado of this strain, we know you want the only best indica on the market. Fortunately, we’ve listed only the first-rate options available in 2021 below. Here are the top 10 strongest, premium Indica strains available this year.

Top 10 Strongest Indica Strains

1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights carries the lead as one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. Rare as a completely pure Indica, this bud is relished for its resinous buds, swift flowering and complete resilience during the growth process. This strain undoubtedly exceeds the quality and flavour of other Indica strains. Northern Lights also has a distinguished history it can claim. A descendant from Indigenous Afghanistan and Thailand, the Northern Lights strain is essentially weed royalty. Developed with pungently sweet and spicy aromas from its crystal-coated buds, this Indica Strain promotes ultimate relaxation and euphoria via its psychoactive effects. If you desire optimal comfort and mellow relief for mental and physical anguish, this strain is for you. As arguably the most popular, award-winning Indica dominant strain of all time, you cannot go wrong with this bud. With a THC level between 12-16%, the bud is highly regarded by cannabis growers, medical patients and recreational users alike for promoting bliss and dream-like effects without completely inhibiting you. It’s a heavy hitter for those that are serious about Indica strength.

2. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush  has become one of the most popular and notorious Indica strains in America. That’s because- it is no joke! This bud promotes heavy tranquilizing effects for weed lovers that want to experience completely soothing, powerful and surreal effects. Ultimately- you want to be left with that utterly balmy and serene sedation that only the strongest Indica can provide. With THC levels of 18 to 25%, this sweet strain has subtle notes of chocolate and coffee you’ll taste every time you exhale. With each inhale, you’ll experience ultimate euphoria and ease from head to toe. Bubba Kush produces massive yields of sweet trichome colas which are about four-feet long with a dry weight of over six pounds. Fast-growing and extremely potent, the Bubba Kush strain is the ideal Indica strain for home and commercial growers.

3. Farmer’s Reserve Flower

Flow Kana develops outdoor, sun-grown Indica buds with highly potent THC levels. Grown in Emerald Triangle, the potent, sun-grown strain is ranked the best of all of the sun-grown cannabis Farmer’s Reserve collection has to offer. Some of their premium Indica strains developed in small batches include the Grease Bucket, Wino and Zaza with a THC content of over 30%. All of their Indica strains are sun-grown with a deep terpene profile. They are also full of different flavonoid and cannabinoid types. The strains promote a natural balance and potent high to exude ultimate calm and relaxation.

4. Strawberry Banana

DNA Genetics develops a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain known as Strawberry Banana. Promoting balance and restfulness, the herb is more tranquil and drowsy than other strains for those using Indica before bedtime or for lazy days. The split Indica/sativa strain is a cross between the brand’s Banana Kush and Bubble Gum bud so it is highly potent in THC. True to its name, the kush is fruity in flavour and aroma. It produces between 22 and 26% psychoactive and is not a complete sedative. Ideal as an evening strain, the Strawberry Banana encourages deep relaxation and calm.

5. Critical Kush

A Barney’s Farm brand creation- the Critical Kush strain is a cross between the cannabis company’s Critical Mass and OG Kush buds. As a woody green, Critical Kush has THC levels between the 20 and 25% range. That means the bud is highly tranquilizing. Most that use it are doing so as a support for chronic pain relief and stress. The bud is fast-growing and yielding. Critical Kush omites a natural lemon-pine scent that can be rather intoxicating for some. It is used as a therapeutic strain for evening time relief.

6. Sherbet

The Girl Scout Cookies kush brand has added the Sherbet indica-dominant hybrid to their flower collection. Considered pungent and intense, the bud contains up to 20% THC levels. That makes it much less potent than other Indica strains on this list. As a hybrid, the Sherbet may naturally promote a more uplifting feeling than just pure relaxation. Most Sherbet users claim the effects of the strain start off in the brain and work their way to the body promoting an upbeat high sensation. Eventually, the strain mellows you out for a full-bodied experience.

7. Papaya Punch

From the well-known Glass House Farms, Papaya Punch is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. A cross between the brand’s Papaya kush and classic Purple Punch bud, the Papaya Punch is high in THC content falling somewhere near the 20% THC level. Used to promote calm and sedation, this kush strain is described as what users should be using to help wind down after a busy day. Papaya Punch is a great strain for individuals with active lives that need pain relief and support. The kush has a fruit and cheese aroma but the flavour itself is primarily sweet and herbal. You can expect to feel chill but still social.

8. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a long-lasting Indica strain. You can expect slow, full-bodied relaxation throughout your body after you smoke this kush. With up to 27% THC level, this strain certainly packs one sedative punch. A 100% flower Indica, the Purple Kush is a mixture of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani flower. Many Purple Kush smokers report a completely tranquil, deep sedation experience and pain relief. Due to how potent this green is, it’s quite valuable in the world of medical cannabis strains. Again, because of how strong it is, this bud should be limited to night time before bed use.

9. MK Ultra

Named aptly after the infamous CIA mind-control program, MK Ultra is a highly potent Indica-hybrid. Promoting dreamy, calming effects, this bud is one of the strongest indica strains available. That could be overwhelming for some. The THC effects of this cannabis range between 18 and 23%. Although it is not the ultimate highest in THC, the MK Ultra promotes a heavy-hitting body sedation and euphoric bliss. A cross between the G-13 and OG Kush, it’s an intense Indica strain.

10. Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla Glue is another Indica-dominant hybrid promoting balance and calm. The THC levels can be quite high in one of the buds, but the strain promotes an overall cohesive high. However, users and experts alike report that Gorilla Glue should be enjoyed indoors as it swiftly promotes full constraint and tranquility. The earthy yet sour aroma of the kush makes it funky and unique. Developed by Baker’s Cannabis Co. this kush strain is highly potent and designed for sleep support as an evening strain. Enjoy with caution!

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