The AGLC approves UP Cannabis to supply Red Deer with cannabis products

This autumn, along with crisp leaves and vibrant colours, you may notice something else appearing in Alberta’s third most populace city. Red Deer will say hello to dried flowers, cannabis oil, and other cannabis products stocked in privately owned retail stores. The best part of all, these stores will be completely legal for recreational users as well as the more commonplace medical users starting October 17th.

Who is Up Cannabis?

UP CannabisUp Cannabis Inc. is a major cannabis supplier, and one of thirteen that have so far been approved. You may have already heard of Up Cannabis. They recently received permission to double their production space located in Ontario to keep up with the expected rise in demand. With the ban on marijuana products being lifted not just from Red Deer, but all of Canada, Up Cannabis may be hard pressed to keep up with demand.

Recreational users will be able to shop a variety of high quality options at these stores. Top quality dried flowers, which are the best part of the cannabis plant for smoking will be available, as well as cannabis oil for vaping or other uses. Some stores may even stock edibles, with THC infused candies and much more available.

Best Brand Available in UP Cannabis?

Among brands listed as available, the Budderweeds brand is thought to be the best by many for high quality cannabis oil, as well as dried flowers and other products. This brand will be among the products stocked on Red Deer shelves come October 17th. An online supplier as well, they are best known for their discrete packaging and strict privacy policies.

Budderweeds ships all over Canada, and takes discretion extremely seriously. Their packaging is smell proof and discrete, which eliminates the embarrassment you would get when nosy neighbours look out the window and realize you’re purchasing weed. Despite changing laws and lifting taboos, this can be a big relief to those who may feel awkward purchasing their products. If you purchase from the Budderweeds shop, you can receive your products without anyone being the wiser.

Budderweeds is designed specifically for recreational use, and is perfect for both experienced users and first timers. If you’re not sure where to start in the growing collection of products being announced, look for Budderweeds, and you’ll be assured of an enjoyable experience and top quality products.

As might be expected, the news that cannabis will be legal for recreational purposes as well as medical has been met with enthusiasm. Cannabis is a very popular drug, and is even used in religious ceremonies in some parts of the world. With the excitement reaching thousands of potential customers, shipping may be the best way to get your product. There is a limit to how much brick and mortar stores can keep in stock. The AGLC plans to have an online portal available as well, which may make getting hold of the specific brand of cannabis oil or dried flowers you hope for easier.

October is going to be an exciting month for Canadians whether they get their cannabis online or off. Cannabis is already a very large industry, and the recreational market is expected to be huge. Whether you already know what products you want, or are just curious to see what a cannabis shop looks like, October 17th will give you the opportunities you seek.

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