Alberta Cannabis Store


Alberta Cannabis Store

If you live in Alberta and want to buy non-medical cannabis online, then you must visit the Alberta Cannabis Store. Once you’ve confirmed your age, you’ll have access to hundreds of products, including dried flower, capsules, edibles, topicals vapes, concentrates, and CBD products.

The Alberta Cannabis Store opened shop in 2019, following the legalization of recreational weed. The website is run by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, or AGLC, which institutes the distribution and retail regulations that keep Albertans safe.

To shop on the website you must first sign up and verify your age with a quick Equifax soft-check. In our guide to the ACS, we’ll list some of the best cannabis products you can buy, and the best way to save money on your purchases.

Buy Weed at Alberta Cannabis Store

You’ll discover new strains and old favorites in the dried flower subsection of the Alberta Cannabis Store. Search using the Licensed Producer tool or by price. Products in this section are sold in one, three, and seven-gram bottles. Consumers can also buy half-ounce and occasionally full ounces. The top strains to buy this year are:

1. Budderweeds – Pineapple Express: Dazzling trichomes dust these fruity buds, making them a steal at $4.10 a gram. Alberta Cannabis Store often sells out of Budderweeds products, so if you want to get the best deals and buy direct from the LP, sign up for a Budderweeds membership card. Members save over 50% on their orders, with ounces selling for $60, $89, and $109.

2. Namaste – Shishkaberry: Berries and pine intertwine in this high-THC strain, $5.99 a gram.

3. Aurora MK Ultra: Orange hairs dominate a potent indica at $8.99 a gram.

4. Edison – El Dorado: A balanced strain, perfect for afternoon zen, $8.99 a gram.

Alberta Cannabis Store Pre-Rolls

It’s never too late to add a pre-roll to your cart. Machine-rolled, discreet, and easy draw are common traits of this recreational product. Over sixty percent of licensed producers on the ACS website sell a pre-roll version of their favorite strains. You can buy pre-rolls in singles pop-top tubes, doubles, or packs of five and ten. This year’s best pre-rolls are:

1. Budderweeds – Super Lemon Haze Pre-Roll: An airy sativa that gets you up and active, sold on the Alberta Cannabis Store for $4.18 a gram. To double-down on your savings, savvy consumers can apply for a Budderweeds membership card, reducing the cost this best-seller to $3.98 a gram, $5.98, and $7.98 a gram. Go to to fill out an application, and order direct from the producer to cut your pre-roll costs by 50%.

2. Cannmart – Blue Venom Pre-Roll: An indica-leaning hybrid with a blueberry aftertaste, $6.79 a gram.

3. Solei – Balance Pre-Roll: Keeps the THC and CBD even for body and mind at $4.99 a gram.

4. The Batch – Solo Pre-Roll: Great for easy smoking and elevating your evening conversation, $5.99 a gram.

Edibles at Alberta Cannabis Store

Do you want a relaxing tea in the evening or a delightful gumdrop before lunch? This cannabis 2.0 product was launched in late 2019, and it includes chocolates, candies, drinks, and cookies. Consumers choose edibles because they are smokeless and last longer than dried flower and vapes, up to five or six hours. Here are Alberta Cannabis Store’s most popular edibles:

1. Budderweeds – 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Sour Gummy: With an even ratio of THC and CBD, this tangy gummy provides breezy highs that consumers love, especially at the low price of $4.50 per 10mg. To reduce the price further, visit the Budderweeds membership page and apply for a card. Buying direct from Budderweeds saves customers 50% or more on qualified purchases.

2. Foray – Dark Chocolate: An 80% cocoa powder bar with 10mg THC for $4.99 per two pieces.

3. Chowie Wowie – Watermelon Soft Chews: 10mg THC and organic watermelon extract, $6.99 per two pieces.

4. Verywell – Sicilian Lemon Sparkling Beverage: Hints of citrus mask the grassy flavor, $5.00 per one 355ml can.

Disposable Vape Pens at Alberta Cannabis Store

Looking for the ideal smoking buddy? Try a disposable vape at the ACS. This is healthy vaping, without the fillers and vitamin K, and approved by the government of Canada. Most vape pens last around 200 puffs; once they’re done, you can buy a new cartridge or throw them out. Check out the most popular vape pens on the Alberta Cannabis Store below:

1. Budderweeds – Pineapple Express Disposable Pen: Apple and mango make this a favorite vaping strain, and the Budderweeds vape pen stays cool throughout your session, buy for $5.12/.01 gram on the Alberta Cannabis store, or save 50% on your vape pens and cartridges by applying for a Budderweeds Membership card.

2. Hexo – Trainwreck Disposable Pen: A precursor to Pineapple Express that hits hard, $18.99/.25 gram

3. Hexo – Durban Disposable Pen: This sought after sativa will keep you elevated, $18.99/.25 gram

4. General Admission – Berry G Indica Disposable Vape Pen: Best for channel surfing and weekends inside, $31.49/.25 gram


Cannabis Extracts at Alberta Cannabis Store

Recreational cannabis got the green light to sell extracts last year, and we’re already seeing licensed producers take advantage of the opportunity. The Alberta Cannabis Store divides its extracts into multiple categories, which are cannabis oils, capsules, hash, resin, and shatter. We’ll briefly go highlight the brands on the platform and the price range.

Cannabis Oils

With cannabis oils, consumers can mix THC into their drinks, snacks, or dose it like a vitamin drop. There are over 25 oils on the Alberta Cannabis Store. As with dried flower, the cost depends on the brand. You can buy a Solei oil for $21.49/30ml and a Lumina oil for 36.99/20ml.


With capsules, you get a no-nonsense THC and CBD dosing method. It’s perfect for consumers looking to add some CBD into their daily routine, or enjoying the feeling of THC without the smell or clean up smoking dried flower demands. Capsules are labeled based on the THC packed into each pill, which ranges from 3mg pills for $12 a bottle and 6mg pills for $44 a bottle.



Hash is smoked in a pipe or bong, and it consists exclusively of cannabis trichomes. Seasoned smokers love hash because it lasts longer than capsules or vapes. The downside is it costs more than dried flower. On the ACS, expect to pay $24 to $35 a gram.

Resin and Rosin

If you want to dab or vape an extract, you’ll need some resin. The high THC potency ranks this stuff in the realm of inveterate cannabis lovers. Buying resin and rosin on the Alberta Cannabis Store will cost $35 to $50 a half gram.


Shatter and wax may look like candy, but it couldn’t be more different. This concentrate is packed with THC, and like resin, can be dabbed and vaped. At the time of this review, Fireside sells the only shatter on the ACS at $80 a gram.


CBD Oil at the Alberta Cannabis Store

Not everything on the Alberta Cannabis Store gets you high. With CBD oils, you’ll gain the benefits of a notable cannabinoid without the heady feeling commonly associated with marijuana. Albertans can buy CBD oils, sprays, vapes, and topicals online using this legal government-approved platform. In the list below, we give you the best-selling CBD oils and sprays.

1. Budderweeds – 500mg Natural Flavor CBD Oil: Perfect for beginners and CBD enthusiasts, this flavorless oil is packed with quality CBD. You can buy Budderweeds oils at 17mg/ml. Most consumers who use CBD oil argue that more is better, so try the Budderweeds 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg oils, too. By getting the membership card, you can buy your CBD oils direct from Budderweeds and save 50% on your order.

2. Sugarleaf – CBD Oil: Easy to dose with the included dropper, $19.99 for 10.5mg/ml

3. Solei – Free CBD Oil: Tasteless and can be added to coffees and teas, $21.49 for 30mg/ml

4. Edison – CBD Oil: Made with organic cannabis extracts, $32.99 for 36mg/ml


By using the Alberta Cannabis Store, you can access licensed producers from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. There are small-batch growers and industry megaproducers, such as Canopy Growth. To purchase a product on the platform, you must create an account and verify your age with an Equifax soft check; this is unique to Alberta’s recreational store. Most provinces, such as Ontario, do not require you to create an account to buy weed.

In Alberta, so long as you are 18 years old you can buy recreational cannabis online on the ACS. You will need a valid address, not a PO box, and you must show ID when you pick up your order at a Canada Post office.

Check out the closest “dispensary near me” in Alberta

In the two years since Alberta Cannabis Store has been in operation, the primary complaint of customers is the prices. Recreational marijuana can be expensive. So if you’re looking for cheap weed, we recommend applying for a membership card with Budderweeds.

With a Budderweeds membership card, you can order legal cannabis direct from the source. The website sells dried flower, edibles, oils, extracts, vapes, and topicals — just like the ACS, only cheaper. Thousands of members save every day on Budderweeds, with checkout totals earning them 20% to 50% off recreational prices. Go here to learn more and apply today.


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