The Mysterious Skunk Weed


The Mysterious Skunk weed

Skunk is one of the oldest and the prevalent strains of cannabis, and one of the everyday use of this dangerous cannabis is insecticide. This heritage strain is a mix of Acapulco gold, Colombian Gold, and Afghan. Both these breeds belong to the Sativa landrace variety.

Combining these strains’ genetics gives an exquisite flavor by uplifting high and citrus flavors along with short flowering time and a feeling of relaxation. One of the skunk seeds is also called Sensi seeds. This seed is the best for first-time gardeners as it is easy to grow and affordable too.

Types of Skunk

Skunk #1 – It is the original skunk strain with many significant influences on the genetics of cannabis. The characteristic sweet smell and feel of relaxation make it one of the best strains of skunks.

Super skunk – This hybrid of Skunk #1 is a winner of the Cannabis Cup Award. Super Skunk is thick, dense, and too intense. Its effect is physical and feels of relaxation, and the taste is sweet.

Early skunk: It is an outdoor strain of Sensi seeds and a recipient of the cannabis cup award. It is a weed dominated by Indica hybrid, and it is a breed from skunk #1 and first pearl. It has a short flowering period and offers a euphoric, relaxed, and happy sensation.

Skunk Kush – Skunk Kush is a hybrid strain of Skunk #1 and the Afghan Strain. The outer appearance of this strain is best described by its strong body stone and red-eyed giggles.

Sensi skunk – all the other skunk strains have a spicy flavor, but this type of skunk has a citrus flavor. It produces a high and calming effect, and it is an Indica dominant. It has a significant hypnotic effect that is extremely good for stress relief, muscle relaxation, and sleep.

White Skunk – It is a breed of skunk and Sativa genetics. It is a sister strain of Sensi seeds. The smell it produces is the same as the skunk parent. The appearance is a replica of Sativa genetics with big and open buds. The sensation is euphoric, relaxed, and focused, along with a bitter orange scent.

Shiva skunk: Shiva skunk is the most substantial variety of Sensi seeds. It is a breed from skunk #1 and Sensi seeds.

How cannabis became popular?

In the 1970s, cannabis breeding became a famous way of breeding for the first time. Then, there was a drastic increase in the THC levels since many breeders and cultivators started growing cannabis. Many people began consuming cannabis. After so many years, they found that consuming cannabis leads to memory loss, paranoia, and anxiety. As many of them don’t know that it leads to many problems in the future, the breeders started cultivating more cannabis-based on higher THC to CBD ratios.

The development started to thrive, and the breeder began to build an indoor grow system. The indoor grow system has better lighting and sophisticated fertilizers, significantly enhancing the growth of cannabis. Many factors contributed to strengthening the development of cannabis over the last 20 years. As cannabis became stronger and stronger, thereby the overall experience of the cannabis also got supported. Media started covering cannabis because of its vast popularity and causes severe intoxications. All these facts straight tell you that skunk is the potent cannabis and even the press termed them the same.

Even skunk is famous; most people are confused because of the murmurs from the surrounding. The skunk has two main interpretations .i.e. it is the strain of cannabis, and the other is that it is an informal word for street weed. When people talk about the skunk, they may speak of the strain of cannabis or a hybrid or varieties of cannabis hybrids that have pleasing aroma and taste.

How does the skunk weed smell?

The cannabis weed smells like skunk because of one of its constituents called “myrcene.” This component is present in many fragrant plants like mango, bay leaf, thyme, and hops. Depending on the strain of cannabis, the amount of myrcene present in it differs. The sedation and the relaxation feeling provided by this weed is mainly due to the presence of myrcene. These strains that have a skunky smell will mostly cause couch-lock effects.

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What are the effects of skunk?

Skunk cannabis has some effects on the brain and will cause it to function differently. Some study shows that consuming powerful skunks weed may affect nerve fibers in a some parts of the brain. The research on this is in regards to the nerve fiber that is connected to the corpus callosum. It is the nerve that connects to the left part and right part of the brain, any affects on this part may lead to miscommunication between different parts of the brain. Research is still unknown on the effects of higher consumption of cannabis on parts of the brain. If a person consumes cannabis daily, then there will be more changes in the corpus callosum structure compared to the person who smokes less.

The effects might be long term or short term based on people’s consumption. Indeed, it is one of the substances that cause psychoactive effects. Other than affecting the brain, smoking cannabis may also have physical health risks and mental health risks. If smoked traditional the person may have difficulty while breathing, and a cough will be uncomfortable. If you are a person affected by asthma, your condition may worsen by smoking cannabis. The other significant effects are lung issues, reduced sperm count in males and suppression of ovulation in females. The possible mental health risks depending on the person include [], affects motivation, and you often have mood swings.

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