Nova Scotia Cannabis Store


Nova Scotia Cannabis Store

In Nova Scotia, when the weather is good, you put on your trail boots or your Welly’s and get outside. Salty sea air has a way of leavening the soul, and it’s made even better with some dried cannabis flower or a pre-roll. Here’s the thing — if you want to buy legal recreational weed in Nova Scotia you must go through the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission (NSLC).

The cannabis sales website is passcode protected, so you can’t buy cannabis unless you go into a store and ask for one. On the website, you can buy dried flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and topicals. In the quick explainer below, we’ll tell you what kind of cannabis products to expect from the Nova Scotia Cannabis Store. Plus, some tips on how to buy legal weed online at cheaper prices.

Buy Weed at Nova Scotia Cannabis Store

After you show legal ID and get a code for the NSLC Cannabis Store, you’ll have a host of products to choose from. The biggest selection on the website is dried flower. They offer customers sativa, indica, and hybrid strains from local and national brands. In fact, the store updates its stock every week.

Here are some of the top-selling dried flower varieties on the website:

  1. Budderweeds – Pineapple Express: A fresh burst of mango lingers after every puff of this award-winning strain by top producer that lets you buy weed online. On the Nova Scotia Cannabis Store, you can buy the strain for $4.10 a gram. You can reduce the price further by purchasing directly from the supplier. Just go to the Budderweeds website and sign up for a membership card. Users of Budderweeds get discounts of up to 50%, that’s $69 ounces, $89 ounces, and $109 ounces.
  2. Pure Sunfarms – Sativa: A no-nonsense sativa dominant strain with floral notes and a strong pinene finish for $4.20 a gram.
  3. Original Stash – OS.220: This indica starts slow and mellow, perfect for late-night movie binges, $4.29 a gram.
  4. Grasslands – Sativa: A Calgary ex-pat with grassy top notes. It’s as zany as a Summer’s night, $4.25 a gram.

Nova Scotia Cannabis Store Pre Rolls

With pre-rolls, you get the same high-quality weed packed into easy-to-enjoy joints. The top brands use organic papers that are not dyed and with natural glues. The Nova Scotia Cannabis Store has lots of pre-rolls to choose from, so before you hop on the Cabot Trail, order one, or five!

Check out the best pre-roll products here:

  1. Budderweeds – Super Lemon Haze Pre-Roll: Refreshing citrus resounds in this renowned haze sativa a popular pick on the NSLC Cannabis Store. You can buy single and packs of three for $3.98 a gram. To save upwards of 50% on your order, you can buy pre-rolls legally by visiting and signing up for a membership card.
  2. HIWAY – Indica Pre-Roll: Sticky buds and high THC content make this a no brainer for indica lovers, $4.97 a gram.
  3. THC BIOMED – THC Hybrid Pre-Roll: A clean smoking hybrid and upbeat feel for $13.30 a gram.
  4. RE-UP – BLND Pre-Roll: This blend combines RE-UP’s WPP and LTRSR strains into one easy-smoking product, $5.97 a gram.

Edibles at Nova Scotia Cannabis Store

In the last year, edibles have gained tremendous popularity, outselling smokables in the over thirty-five demographics. The NSLC Cannabis Store offers a range of edibles — not just your typical brownies — so expect everything from chocolate truffles to gummies and teas. We recommend buying a few products to get a feeling for the potency variances and qualities.

Read on for the edibles Nova Scotians love:

  1. Budderweeds – 1:1 Sour Gummy: It’s sweet and it’s sour and consumers can’t get enough of them. The gummy is made of organic ingredients and contains 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD, a perfect balance to match the strawberry lemonade flavor. You can buy the Sour Gummy for $5.80 per pack of two. You can save more money with Budderweeds by signing up for a free membership card. Ordering directly from the producer is legal and reduces prices by over 50%.
  2. Foray – Raspberry Vanilla Soft Chews: These hybrid gummies contain 10mg of THC and 1 mg of CBD and can be had for $6.65 per pack of two.
  3. Chowie Wowie – THC Milk Chocolate Bar: A 16mg 1:1 THC and CBD with a silky smooth taste, order it now for $5.75 per bar.
  4. Aurora Drift – Soft Baked Chocolate Cookie: The rich flavor completely hides the cannabis aftertaste often found in THC cookies, $14.20 for a pack of two.

Disposable Vape Pens at Nova Scotia Cannabis Store

Fast-acting disposable THC vape pens provide great value for the dollar. NSLC Cannabis Store customers buy them to help with [] or as gifts for friends and family that haven’t tried a weed vape. The vape products on this provincially-authorized website are free of vitamin K, a known irritant in cheap disposable pens.

Enjoy this list of the best disposable vape pens:

  1. Budderweeds – Pineapple Express Disposable Pen: Budderweeds has taken everything customers love about this fresh-tasting dried flower strain and funneled it into a delicious vape pen. Buy it now for $5.75/0.1 gram. Alternatively, you can sign up for a Budderweeds membership card earn big discounts, 50% or more, on your purchases.
  2. Redecan – OG Kush Redee Disposable Pen: A classic indica that can aid in anxiety reduction and elevate your mood for $7.13/0.1 gram.
  3. Canaca – THC Distillate Disposable Pen: Zero-in on your love of everything THC with this highly potent distillate formula, $9.59/0.1 gram.
  4. 48North – Trail Mix Moonlight Shadow Disposable Pen: Relax on your favorite oceanside path with this indica, $11.99/0.1 gram.

Cannabis Extracts at Nova Scotia Cannabis Store

Since the ushering of cannabis extracts in 2019, legal government stores have been slowly adding cannabis oils, capsules, hash, and resin to their stock list. In the following, we’ll briefly detail what to expect from extracts on the NSLC Cannabis Store.

Cannabis Oils

Plan to skip the pleasantries and get right to the good stuff? Cannabis oils are a highly effective vehicle for THC and CBD. They are fast-acting and can be added to your daily tea or salad to save time. Price and concentration vary from brand to brand, but expect to pay anywhere from $15.75 to $85.50.


You can take a THC capsule, or softgels, like one would a multi-vitamin or code liver oil, but watch out! Some THC capsules come in high-strength doses and should be taken with caution. Check the product description for how much THC is packed into each softgel, which can range from 2.5mg for $10.95 to 20mg for $42.95.


To make hash, licensed producers compress the trichomes from cannabis buds into a brick-like paste. To consume hash, you smoke it in a pipe or bong. As with other extracts, the cost of hash will vary depending on brand and weight. 48North sells a hash, for example, that costs $28.95 a gram and Original Stash sells one for $47.95 a gram.

Resin and Rosin

Resin and rosin are usually the most costly product you can buy on the Nova Scotia Cannabis Store. You can buy them “live,” which means they were previously frozen and so contain a bounty of original aromas and terpenes. If you want to experience the caviar of cannabis, try a resin or rosin at $49.95 to $80.45 a gram.

CBD Oil at the Nova Scotia Cannabis Store

Want to try a cannabis product but hate the feeling of THC? Recreational consumers in Nova Scotia have been buying CBD oils to use during the day, when they are at work or with their family at Peggy’s Cove. The NSLC Cannabis Store sells a slew of CBD oils and sprays for recreational use — check out these four best-selling products:

  1. Budderweeds – Natural Flavor CBD Oil: This quality CBD oil combines a CBD isolate extract with MCT coconut oil, totaling 500mg per 30ml bottle for $13.50. With CBD oils, it’s better to purchase a stronger product as its much cheaper. By going direct to Budderweeds, you can get 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg CBD oils at 50% off.
  2. Redecan – CBD Reign Drops: A 500mg oil that’s tasteless and includes a dosing dropper for $15.75 per 30ml bottle.
  3. Pure Sunfarms – CBD Oil 1:10: Adds a small dose of THC to the oil for enhanced effects, $16.95 per 30ml bottle.
  4. Sugarleaf – 1:5 CBD Oil: A hybrid oil with a mushroomy aftertaste for $20.95 per 30ml bottle.

NSLC Cannabis Store – Conclusion

Cannabis lovers in Nova Scotia have to work a little harder to get their recreational weed. Unlike Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, you must visit a physical NSLC store and show your provincial ID to receive access to the webstore. Once inside, however, you’ll have access to hundreds of cannabis products, some of which we discussed above.

Check out the closest “dispensary near me” in Nova Scotia

The only downside? The cost. Nova Scotia Cannabis Store’s prices are on the higher end of legal recreational stores. To lower your weed expenses, try ordering directly from Budderweeds, a licensed provider of cannabis in Canada. The membership card is free of charge and earns you 50% off your order. Read more on the Budderweeds member card here.

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