UP Cannabis

Live in Ontario and interested in buying recreational weed? Then you need to head over to Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis, the only websites in Canada selling legal recreational cannabis. There are certainly plenty of great quality cannabis products and brands to choose from, so where to start? Up Cannabis and Budderweeds are two new cannabis brands hitting these sites soon that are well worth checking out.


Up Cannabis Reviews

UP Cannabis is a recreational cannabis brand based in the Niagara region of Canada. They sell a nice selection of cannabis flower products, focusing on densely packed buds covered with trichomes. Most are hybrid strains offering a nice blend of both Indica and Sativa and their unique characteristic.

Moon is an Indica dominant strain from UP Cannabis currently available at Ontario Cannabis Store with a very herbal aroma. 50 is a fruity Indica-dominant coated with silvery-white crystals, while Gems is a Sativa-dominant strain covered in vibrant orange hairs.

All offer a pleasant high and come with lovely aromas, boasting moderate to high THC percentages depending on the strain of choice.

UP Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

Budderweeds is another exciting new cannabis brand soon to hit Canada’s recreational market. Offering a party in a bag, they produce a range of premium cannabis products in both dried flower and oil forms. Their cannabis flower is seriously impressive, with dense nugs of bud that are coated with crystals and colorful hairs.

The reason their flower is so amazingly dense and packed with trichomes is the growing process. Budderweeds produces only craft-grown cannabis. This means no shortcuts or easy steps when growing – only the latest and greatest techniques in cannabis production. The result – incredibly potent and flavorful cannabis in every strain.

Their cannabis oil products are also worth mentioning. Many companies are focusing on dried flowers or oil, but Budderweeds is covering all bases by focusing on both products. Flowers are hand-selected and grown with meticulous care, resulting in potent strains packed with amazing flavors and aromas

Best Cannabis Strains To Try

When visiting Ontario Cannabis Store for Budderweeds or UP Cannabis products you have the choice of cannabis flower or oil. Cannabis flower is the most popular and widely available but let’s take a quick look at cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil is a concentrated form of cannabis that is easy to consume. Ingested orally or vaporized, cannabis oil is a good option for those that aren’t used to smoking dried flower, which is quite hard going because of the smoke it produces.

Oils offer a much easier way to consume cannabis, and Budderweeds happens to carry a wonderful selection of oils that are a cut above the rest. At the moment, UP Cannabis doesn’t have any cannabis oils, but hopefully, that changes in the future.

As for cannabis strains, you are really spoiled for choice on Ontario Cannabis Store. They have many strains available, each one having its own unique taste, aroma, and high.

You also get hybrid strains such as Up Cannabis’ Moon, which offer a little bit of both!