Vivo Cannabis

Vivo Cannabis and Budderweeds are two upcoming additions to Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis that many are going to love. You can’t buy legal recreational weed anywhere else online in Ontario, so anyone looking to buy weed should visit here.


It’s got a fine choice of recreational cannabis products, with various strains, edibles sold from a wide selection of cannabis brands. Budderweeds and Vivo Cannabis are two of the latest to feature on the website and there is a lot to like about each.

Vivo Cannabis Reviews

Vivo Cannabis is a recreational brand coming from AB Cann. Their cannabis products are branded as Fireside Cannabis and there are two currently available – Red and Black. Red is a mid-range THC hybrid while Black features a high-level THC potency.

Other than this, Vivo Cannabis hasn’t released anything else to date, although that is likely to change over time. It’s an okay selection and the focus on potency is a good way for newer users to understand what to expect. Black is certainly a strain long-time users will like, namely for its high potency!

Vivo Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

Budderweeds is another great brand emerging in the Ontario Cannabis Store. Their cannabis is catered to a wide spectrum of users, including first-timers and stoners, with a great range of products available.

Selling both dried flower and cannabis oil, Budderweeds has something for all tastes, with each product grown from craft flowers. The quality is apparent in each product, whether you smoke premium bud or oil, with plenty of premium strains available.

Regardless of your brand of choice on the Ontario Cannabis Store, there are countless cannabis strains and products to choose from. Dried flowers and cannabis are widely available, although there is far more of the former, which is easier to produce.

Dried cannabis flower, commonly known as just weed, is the product most are here for. Known for its vibrant green color decorated with different colored hairs, the cannabis flower is all about flavor and high.

These flavors and highs are determined by the strain type. Indica and Sativa are the two main cannabis strains, with all bud featuring one or both, with hybrids now available. A hybrid strain crosses both Sativa and Indica, either leaving one dominant in the flower or a balance of each.

Sativa grows a bit differently from Indica, taking on a unique shape and characteristics. 

Similar highs are produced from Sativa-dominant hybrids such as Hawaiian Haze. Hybrid strains with more Indica combing with the Sativa, such as G13 Haze, offer the best of both.