4 Reasons Why We Offer Better Products Than Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth has been on the cannabis scene since April 2014. Since then the company has become part of the stock exchange, bought out a company and grew exponentially. Indeed Canopy Growth offers various products, from gel pills to seeds and more. However, they all fall short to what Budderweeds offers. You can see this already when comparing our marijuana and cannabis oil versus their cannabis products.

Below we explain the major differences and further about our company and our competitor.

Who The Products Are Really For

The first big reason is who the products are geared towards. Budderweeds and our competitor offer similar products, but ours are simply better. Why? Well, Canopy Growth offers medical cannabis. What this means is the cannabis is made specifically for those who are in medical need.

This doesn’t diminish the quality, however, it does narrow how many people get access to it. This, in turn, can ease a company’s obligation to create a better product.

For Budderweeds it’s different. Even though we don’t provide medical cannabis, this does give us a larger audience. Furthermore for us to stand up amongst the other companies, we have to offer quality. And we certainly do.

The Quality & Selection

As mentioned above, our competitor offers seeds, cannabis oil, and marijuana. But they also offer education and training for doctors. Because of their focus on these products, the selection is limited, but like we said the quality is hampered. The focus of Canopy Growth is to provide education and further innovation.

Budderweeds offers better quality because from the beginning we wanted to be known as a premium brand. Everything from the THC infused candies to the high potency extracts is of the highest quality. We have a wide selection that is all hand-picked. To drive an emphasis on the quality we ensure the products are designer products.


If you are in a location specific to Hamilton, getting access to Canopy Growth’s products can be difficult. Even getting cannabis oil or the marijuana can be difficult. It’s not a surprise, considering they only serve patients.

Care For Customers

Canopy Growth cares about providing the best care for their patients. That being said they still make money off of the patients’ needs. This can create a bias, which can lead to lower quality products.

As for us, our survival depends on how much our customers enjoy our products. This creates a bias to further improve our products. Whether you live in a location specific to Hamilton or in another place you can log onto Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis to see whats available.

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