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Tired of that ancient bong you’ve had for too long with the harshest hits? It’s no secret that each bong is designed differently, especially in terms of quality. Whether you’ve had a bong you can’t depart with that just won’t clean or a bong that just won’t let you rip the way you want to, it’s time to replace it with a bong you can count on in 2021. This year, you deserve to find the ideal bong to help you smoke cannabis effortlessly and enjoyably. 

If you’re on the market for a new, high-quality bong, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn more about the go-to bongs of 2021 that are softer on the lungs and lighter on the wallet.

Best Bongs on the Market in 2021

1. Session Goods Bong

From its sleek, stylish design to its masterful functionality, the Session Goods Bong is without a doubt the leading cannabis accessory of choice. This beautifully crafted bong redefines what it means to smoke. Its contemporary construction ensures it fits right in any modernized home as a piece of the furniture! This bong also guarantees seamless, smooth and clean smoke sessions each time to minimize harm to the lungs. The accessory comes equipped with a downstem diffuser that filters out smoke to prove the most harmless inhalation. 

The Session Goods Bong 10 mm bowl has sufficient space to fill up with your strain of choice and deliver steady rips every time, guaranteed. Customize the color to select the perfect one for you for its silicone base from Celery to Blush, Indigo and Charcoal. Plus, if you break it, the bong comes supplied with replacement parts!

2. K. Haring Water Pipe

The K. Haring Water Pipe is a beaker bong design with premium glass quality that is scratch-resistant. If you’re looking for durability, this bong is the optimal choice. Constructed with a 12.4 inch tube, the accessory is balanced with a wider sleek base to ensure stability and easy use. With a removable downstem diffuser, the bong also has a showerhead percolator to deliver smooth, refreshing rips every use. 

In addition, the bong’s ice catcher and splash guard will deliver effective smoke sessions every time. You can leave dirty bong water in the past! Available in black, white or yellow, this beautiful bong also features the iconic artist Keith Harring’s artwork!

3. GRAV Straight Base Bong

Texas-based GRAV, is a highly acclaimed cannabis accessories company and especially well-known for their first-rate bongs. The GRAV Straight Base Bong is superior in terms of design and quality. A simple, sleep glass design offers elegance. It’s also a highly effective weed accessory! The 12-inch tube guarantees extra space for inhaling a smooth smoke to secure the greatest highs. The bong’s percolator is located on the bottom of the main tube to offer polished, clean smoke. Add ice to the mouthpiece for an even cleaner inhalation.

4. Black Leaf Double Honeycomb Bong

The Black Leaf Double Honeycomb Bong is German-designed and delivers high-quality rips for its user, every time. Handmade with love and meticulousness, the bong is designed with two honeycomb discs that creates ample water supply and air circulation through the percolator holes. This is ideal because it ensures the smoke is refreshingly cool and filtered every time you inhale. If you desire further smoothness, use this accessory as an ice bong by adding in as many cubes as you like in the mouthpiece. 

5. RooR Little Sista

RooR has certainly made a name for itself as a household cannabis accessory brand. The RooR Little Sista is a premium beaker style bong that’s worth every penny. This beaker bong is an outstanding piece of equipment with symmetrical glass work design. Standing at 18” of German Duran Schott glass, the bong is equipped with a tech barrel percolator located on the top chamber and a lower percolator on the bottom of the bong to enhance the airflow. With a 30mm splash guard and secured ice-pinch, the RooR bong guarantees a mess-free, smooth smoke experience.

Best Cheap Bongs on the Market in 2021

The previously listed bongs are the best on the market undoubtedly. However, that does not assure they’re the best for your budget! If you’re browsing for a premium bong without the expensive price tag, it helps to do your research. A principle that many weed connoisseurs  follow, is that if a bong is priced at under $40, it’s highly likely the quality is subpar to completely dreadful. Fortunately, when you have the right tools, you can find the ideal cheap bong to suit your smoke lifestyle and wallet size. Here are the best bongs for under $100.

Bongs under $100

1. Mini Bong Water Pipe

The Mini Bong Water Pipe stands at about 6” tall to make it small in stature but gigantic in appeal. Designed with a female joint and bent mouthpiece, the bong is also made with durable, sleek glass and a bubble base on these mini bongs to make them compact yet highly stable and sturdy. This mini bong is perfect for travelling to friends or to keep at your bedside when you need it. 

2. LA Pipes Simply Guy Donut Base Ice Bong

If you’re looking for sleekness and sophistication, the LA Pipes Simply Guy Donut Base Ice Bong is your solution. The clear, clean glass ensures you can see everything inside the bong. For under $50, this bong is in the shape of a donut and filters smoke with ease. As an ice bong, the accessory has a 14.5mm female joint and removable downstem to ensure seamless cleans and less residue for easy inhalation. The Simply Guy 3-piece bong is certainly not simple. You can count on perfect, detailed smoke sessions, every time.

3. Cheech & Chong Sgt. Stedenko Round Base Bong

You can’t go wrong with Cheech & Chong! The Sgt. Stedenko Glass Bong is a water pipe designed for dry cannabis. Constructed with a 8.25” high beaker and downstem male bowl, the bong has pinched joints. The accessory is a part of the Cheech & Chong Up In Smoke collection by Empire Glassworks. This cool collection sticks to the Cheech & Chong theme in design and smoke quality.

4. Glasscity Straight Ice Bong

An icey, smooth taste helps enhance a high. The Glasscity Straight Ice Bong is a high-quality cannabis accessory for under $45. This steal is the ideal smoking accessory for every weed lover on a budget. Designed with function and convenience in mind, the ice bong has ice notches located on the tube and a removable downstem with a keck clip. Fill the notches with some ice cubes before you smoke for a smooth high!

5. Butler Basics Beaker Bong

This brand new glass bong line is already making a prominent name for themselves. Their popular Butler Basics Beaker Bong created by Silver Chong is versatile in design and functionality. It’s also highly affordable! The beaker bong is designed with a thick, durable, sleek glass and ice pinch for smoke filtration and easy cooling. Available in a variety of colours and the perfect, convenient size, the beaker bong has diffused downstems to provide the most effective smoke possible.

finding the perfect bong

Regardless of what your bong of choice is, you should always be packing it with premium flower. The finely crafted strains from Budderweeds ensure the most effortless and enjoyable smoke for every user. Whether you prefer Sativa, indica or hybrid, you’ll find the perfect strain with us!

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