Foray: Ultimate Review of Foray Edibles and Vape Pens

Foray Edibles Foray Vape Review

Cannabis customers are anything but predictable. There are cannabis culture enthusiasts, weekend indulgers, medical consumers — new, intermediate, and long-time cannabis users. How you choose to enjoy cannabis will shade you towards one brand or another: Foray is a brand for the cannabis consumer who appreciates discretion.

Rather than selling products in bombastic packaging or specializing in pungent dried flower strains, Foray focuses on the most private methods of cannabis consumption: edibles and vape pens.

If you elect to keep your cannabis-use private — no judgement — or you enjoy the accessibility of refined cannabis products, Foray is a brand to watch, and their product lineup very likely includes something that will catch your eye.

Foray Vape Review

Vape pens are much stronger than dried flower and also significantly easier to use. There’s no rolling involved, which means less cannabis odour and less mess. Pens are typically popular with new cannabis users but that’s not a hard and fast rule; if you enjoy smoking cannabis then you’ll probably like vaping too.

Foray Vape Variety:

Foray carries a lineup of vape pens with an option for all cannabis consumers. Sleek, flavourful, versatile, and potent — these vapes are the perfect companion for social gatherings and for consuming when out about. Foray vapes are available in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid dominant strains, and with a balance of CBD and THC content, or just CBD dominant.

Experienced consumers will recognize strains like the dreamy Grape Ape, the blissful Strawberry Ice, and the classic mango haze and its cerebral effects. Foray also carry less-common strains such as Maui Wowie, Blackberry Cream, and Goji OG. These strains perform well in vape-form, and Foray vapes are generally viewed positively among cannabis communities, especially for taste comparisons and smooth delivery of long-lasting effects.

Foray Starter pack is a great option for new cannabis consumers, as it includes a cartridge, a charger, and a battery.

Foray Vape Strength:

Foray vapes come in a range of different potencies, with up to 800 mg of THC, or 1g weights. Consumers can choose lower potency options with up to 400 mg of THC, or a balanced 400 mg option with THC and CBD in equal portions.

These vapes are consistent with the competition; Foray vapes generally won’t offer more potency than other brands, but their strains might offer better effects, based on some reviews.

Foray Vape Price:

Foray Vapes are not only high-quality, they’re also high in price.The cheapest510 Vape Cartridges from Foray sell in 0.5g quantities but they regularly list for just under $30 on provincial online stores like the OCS; that’s more expensive than competitor brands.

Value brands such as Bingo provide twice the THC content for only $10 more per cartridge; however, Bingo vapes are less flavourful and lower in quality. Consumers can also choose to purchase 1g options for 510 vape cartridges from Foray, but again, there are lower cost options.

Foray Vape Performance:

If there’s one thing that vape connoisseurs find truly frustrating, it’s a clogged cartridge. Some vape brands sell “high-grade” carts that clog easily, leading to a loss or product and a waste of money on the part of the consumer. That’s not an issue with Foray vapes.

These carts consistently perform from start to finish — something to consider when comparing these products to value brands. Effects are smooth and the weight feels right in your hand.


Foray Edibles Review

Customers who enjoy THC edibles have some delectable choices from Foray, and the products are not just your run-of-the-mill edibles.

Foray Edibles Variety:

Consumers can pick up decadent treats like Caramel Apple Pie Chocolate Squares, which come infused with THC and CBD content. Those who exclusively desire THC in their edibles can choose THC Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate or THC Dark Chocolate — both featuring 10 mg of THC.

Foray has a line of soft chews with flavours such as Peach Mango and Raspberry Vanilla, sourced from Hybrid cannabis, and with 10 mg of THC per package. The most unique edibles from Foray are their Maple Caramel hard candies, authentic, with real butter and cream and rich maple syrup.

Foray Edibles Strength:

Legal edibles in Canada are capped at 10 mg of THC per package, but not all products offer the same effects. Foray utilizes a mixture of cannabis blends and Hybrid cannabis in their edibles. Hybrid cannabis generally offers more consistent effects than cannabis blends, but these edibles certainly make good on their promise of 10 mg of THC.

Foray Edibles Price:

Foray edibles are competitively priced. Their THC chocolates sell on the OCS for less than $5 per package — at that price, they are among the most affordable chocolate edibles on the recreational market. Soft chews and hard caramels from Foray are likewise reasonably priced, although slightly more experience than the cheapest options. While not always the most affordable choice, the quality of ingredients exceeds the value brands and prices are below those of premium THC edibles.

Foray Edibles Performance:

All Foray edibles are created from cannabis distillate, producing far less cannabis scent and taste than those made from cannabutter; most of their edibles have no cannabis taste whatsoever. Generally speaking, consumers can expect the edibles to provide creeping effects that build as the experience goes on, providing energy and also relaxation. Note: the edibles might make you feel sleepy as the experience wears off.


Where Can You Buy Foray Products?

Foray products are sold from coast to coast through provincial websites and local cannabis stores — from Newfoundland to British Columbia. However, these products aren’t necessarily available in every province and territory in between and consumers will have to hope that Foray products are in stock in order to snatch them up.

Consumers who want to consistently access Foray Vape and edibles will need to sign up with a medical cannabis provider: Shoppers Drug Mart currently carries these products, but in most cases, they sell for the same price on Shoppers as they would through online provincial stores like the OCS.

Cannmart also carries select Foray edibles and they sometimes sell for less than at provincial stores, but don’t count on a consistent stock of products.

What Are Customers Saying About Foray Edibles And Vapes?

Foray products are well-received by consumers and the brand has mostly received positive reviews.Consumers on reddit have really enjoyed the Blackberry Cream Vapes, andMaui Wowie receives praise for taste and effects.

You’ll find similar reviews of Foray edibles on reddit, and once more,there’s high praise for Foray soft chews, and in-depth breakdowns on reddit for all of Foray’s products.

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