Why Concentrates?

A trending development in the cannabis industry is the emergence of concentrates. Concentrates are concentrated forms of the cannabis flower made using a variety of extraction methods. Concentrates have a high level of purity and they can be in the form of oils, waxes and shatters. The oils are usually used in vaporizer pens while waxes or shatters can be vaporized using a pen or a glass dab rig. Concentrates provide a more efficient high, although the effects from the various forms of concentrates can differ ranging from a light effect obtained from vaping oil to dabbing wax or shatter which produces the most potent effect. Indica, Sativa, buy weed online, weed, cannabis, shop online, marijuana, buy marijuana, CBD, THC

What are the Benefits of Concentrates?

A large range of benefits results from using concentrates. They include:
  • The high rate of potency: Using concentrates provides a more efficient high. Hence, you consume more concentrates faster than you can smoke it.
  • Medical use: Dabbing concentrates involves the inhalation of cannabinoid loaded vapours, which help relieve discomfort for patients suffering from their medical symptoms.
  • Flavour: Due to the high level of purity of concentrates, you get a purer flavour untainted by other burning materials.
  • Discretion: There is no smoke produced from the use of concentrates, so the aroma does not linger, cling to clothes or stick to your hair. Hence, you are not left with the stench of smoke.

Budderweeds Concentrates

We will be offering a wide range of concentrates. Below are insights into the types of concentrates:
  • Shatter: Shatter, a common and cheaper form of concentrate typically appears in glass like with amber colour. The colour could be brownish or yellowish depending on the colour and quality of the bud. Shatter usually has 70-95% potency levels.
  • Distillate: The distillate is a strong and more refined version of oil. It is usually transparent and has less due to the distillation process it takes to produce it.
  • Tincture: popularly known as green dragon, is an alcoholic extract of cannabis. It is obtained by soaking the flower in ethanol so that the tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinoids all dissolve in the alcohol.
  • CBD isolate: CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol. All additional cannabinoids or terpenes have been stripped out. The final product is a fine white powder with 99% cannabidiol.
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