Best Weed Grinders To Enhance Your Daily High


Best Grinders For Sale On The Market in 2022

You may have the most premium weed and smoothest bong, but sans a proper grinder, your smoking experience is guaranteed to be unsatisfactory. Whether you roll joints, rip bongs or pack pipes, investing in a high-quality grinder will save you time, money and the herb you love. Forget the days of chopping up a gram with scissors or rolling your paper with moist fingers to lose half of your cannabis. When you invest in a dependable grinder, you eliminate the chance of dirty, harsh smoke and ensure no lost weed.

Properly ground, tasty herb makes a world of difference in the entire high sensation. Vital for an enjoyable smoke session, a prime grinder finely grinds down herb to allow you to pack it in whatever you smoke with ease. Available in endless shapes, sizes and styles, selecting the most suitable grinder for your sessions can be challenging. As innovation in the cannabis industry evolves, so does the way we smoke.

Elevate your smoke sessions with the right grinder. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best grinders on the market in 2021 for your budget.

Best Grinders To Buy In 2022

1. Aerospaced Grinder

If you’re looking for a grinder that’s durable, easy to use and smooth, the Aerospaced Grinder may be just what you need. Designed by the reputable brand Higher Standards, this grinder is created with superior innovation and craftsmanship without being too high-tech and difficult to use.

One of the top advancements in the world of grinders, Higher Standards has certainly created an incredible, aircraft-grade aluminum device with razor-sharp teeth to easily ground down your strain of choice. Available in small, medium or large and various colours, just worry about selecting the right size and colour for you.

 2. Santa Cruz Shredder

This 4-piece grinder is one of the most technologically advanced on the market. The body of the Santa Cruz Shredder is formulated using premium aerospace-grade aluminum that’s corrosion-resistant, resistant to wear and scratch-resistant. The device is four levels to allow extra storage room for hash or pollen.

The shredder is closed magnetically with a tight lid to ensure smooth, durable grinding. The teeth of this grinder is what makes it so unique. Curved and square-shaped, the teeth delicately and effortlessly grind the herb down to make it fluffy without reducing the trichomes.

3. Sean Dietrich Grinder

Artist Sean Dietrich has developed some of the most popular pieces of art in the world which have been featured in many festivals and clubs. Weird, literary and creative, Dietrich is even responsible for creating the art for the OCB rolling tray. Now, the Sean Dietrich Grinder has been developed to enhance and innovate the world of weed.

The 4-piece grinder is configured with a magnetic closure to prevent any herb spillage. Equipped with a sifting screen and pollen chamber, the grinder ensures you collect every last bit of your strain’s keef. The sharp teeth of the grinder ensures seamless shredding of your cannabis. The device is perfectly pocket-sized and under $40 as well!

4. SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4-Piece Grinder

Made using advanced CNC technology and high-grade aluminum, the SharpStone V2 Hard Top 4-Piece Grinder is designed to promote the smoothest smoke sessions. The grinder is designed with razor-sharp teeth for perfect herb grinding. Sleek in design and colour as well, this grinder is modern and stylish.

This 4-piece grinder is built with neodymium magnets to secure the lid properly. Engineered to eliminate difficult friction when grinding, the device has poly ring lines. For less than $40, this is a steal.

5. Masterdam 4-Piece Grinder

The 4-piece Masterdam Grinder is the best value for your money on this list! This 4-piece device is designed from anodized aluminum and equipped with a stainless steel pollen filter. The Amsterdam based grinder company has skyrocketed to fame in the world of weed.

The knife-like teeth of the grinder ensure sharp and smooth grinding at all times. The device even has a diamond-shaped “lion tooth” which finely grinded cannabis without clogging. You’ll especially notice this once you light up and burn your herb.

7. Chromium Crusher

Looking for a reliable grinder for the lowest price? The Chromium Crusher 4-piece grinder is made up of aluminum for perfect grinding of the herb. Its body and other exterior parts are designed with zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is actually much more durable and heavy than aluminum for ultimate sturdiness and practicality.

The 4-piece grinder is completed with magnets between the first and second level. Along with a plastic ring, the grinder breaks down weed with ease. The teeth are diamond-shaped with a slight curvature to further expedite the grinding process.

8. Mendo Mulcher

The 4-piece Mendo Mulcher makes grinding uncomplicated and swift. It differs from other grinders on the list with its round-shaped lid. The easy-grip design makes it much easier to use with any type of weed. The teeth are oval-shaped to grind with ease and have a stainless steel filter for pollen.

The 4-piece device is designed with anodized aluminum which makes it highly durable and solid. It’s also incredibly portable to take with you anywhere and everywhere with you.

9. Cali Crusher Homegrown 4-Piece Grinder

This powerful grinder shreds fine herb every use. Cali Crusher is designed from aircraft grade aluminum and magnets that hold the grinder together seamlessly. The screen in the grinder filters out the most premium cannabis.

The diamond-shaped teeth of the grinder grind down your cannabis without any sharpness being hindered, The device has ample amount of space between each tooth to allow you to pack in larger buds. Easily turn the grinder’s teeth with every use.

10.  iRainy

The iRainy is the most affordable grinder on our list. It’s designed with an extra layer to filter out pollen. The last compartment of the grinder ensures the finest possible pollen is grinded. This is a 5-piece grinder for more room and grinding possibilities.

Although the grinder is much larger in size, you can choose to remove a pollen filter to make it much more compact. Designed from zinc alloy and is completely durable and lightweight, this grinder may be last on the list but certainly does not lack in quality.

Why Use A Weed Grinder?

Why waste your time chopping up weed with scissors or breaking it up with your hands when you can effortlessly grind it down with a portable grinder? Grinders are affordable, convenient, easy to use and stylish! Plus, you’re guaranteed to have delectable, smokable bud every grind without having to break a sweat. Grinded herb will burn optimally and will even leave you with potent kief.

Grinders are designed to save you the hassle and ensure a perfect burn. Breaking down your bud in mere seconds so you can sprinkle it into your smoke device of choice makes the entire smoke session that much more enjoyable. Weed that is finely grinded can be easily stuffed into your pipe, bong or papers with ease. Plus, finely grinded weed smokes much better!

Benefits Of A Weed Grinder

Lovers of the herb know just how important every aspect of the smoke session is. From start to finish, you want to ensure the process is completely seamless and optimal. Not only will this lead to a much more enjoyable experience, it can extend your stash lifespan.

Grinding separates kief from flower so you have the best hash-induced high. Grinders in design, quality and price have certainly come a long way. Most grinders now are incredibly portable, lightweight, stylish and subtle. Here are the other benefits of a weed grinder:

1. Even Consistency

One of the most irritating aspects of chopping weed with scissors or busting up her with your fingers is the inconsistency. A premium weed grinder ensures flawless herb consistency each time. The teeth of the grinder are evenly dispersed so the bud isn’t too stuffed in the grinder.

Weed easily vaporizes when smoked for a smooth session and improved taste, aroma and high sensation. The herb compounds extract much more evenly and consistently when burned as the dry herb goes from flower to smoke. Vape enthusiast? Finely grinded weed leads to much more potent vapor. When premium weed is inserted into a vape pen, you’ll get much more out of it.

The same can be applied to joints. Trust pre-rolled joints to be perfectly packed with the most finely grinded, levelled weed.

2. Pack Bigger Bowls

What could be better than bigger bowls of the premium weed?! Grinders allow you to break down the herb into fine, loose green pieces so you can pack more into your pipe or bong. A bigger bowl means more smoke. The surface area of cannabis in the bowl is much larger making it easier to pull when you inhale.

Don’t fret if big bowls aren’t your forte! You can still pack the perfect bowl your size for potent inhales.

3. Better For Your Smoke Devices

Without a doubt, properly grinded herb is much easier on your smoke devices. In addition to providing more potent smoke sessions, nicely grounded cannabis fits much more easily into a vape, bong, pipe or papers. It will be much easier to clean your devices as well because of the even burns from grinded weed.

No more gunked up, low-quality smoke sessions for you! Grinded weed ensures smooth inhales and exhales that are easier on the lungs and your smoke items.

4. Collect The Kief

If you’ve been resorting to finger-busting or cutting the weed, you’ve sadly been wasting away precious kief. Whatever you choose to do with your kief, whether it be to sprinkle on your herb or to make hash, kief is a perfect addition for any high. Easy to collect with a high-quality grinder, kief are the small hairs found on dry flower that separate from the cannabis bud when it’s grounded.

Top weed grinders will already come equipped with sifting screens for you to weed out the kief. Invest in a 4-piece grinder with the sifting screen or pollen catcher to catch the kief with ease.

Types Of Weed Grinders

The two primary types of weed grinders are: manual grinders and electric grinders. A manual grinder requires slightly more manual labor and hand motion than electric as you have to grind the weed yourself. Manual grinder prices vary but are considered highly affordable by most. The types of manual weed grinders include:

  • 2-Piece Weed Grinder: has one compartment for grinding then one for storage
  • 3-Piece Weed Grinder: has two compartments; one to grind and one for storage.
  • 4-Piece Weed Grinder: has three compartments; one for grinding, one area for storing and one for the kief with a screen or filter.
  • 5-Piece Weed Grinder: has four compartments; one for grinding, another for storage and two compartments for kief.

Card grinders are a type of manual grinder that does not have any compartments and is slim. They do not grind as effectively as other manual grinders and do not capture kief. They are often chosen because of how cheap and portable they are.

Design with a different number of parts is the main difference between each manual grinder type. However, they can also be made from different materials including:

  • Plastic: highly affordable, lightweight and grinds weed at a mediocre level. This grinder material usually does not have a long lifespan as it breaks more easily.
  • Wood: Organic material, unique but may produce shavings while in use and be harder to grind.
  • Aluminum: The most affordable metal material, aluminum lasts much longer than plastic. Its con is that it is slightly heavier but provides an incredible grind.
  • Titanium: The most premium quality grinder material, titanium weighs less than aluminum and is built to-last. Its downfall is the high price.

Electric grinders are also an option as they do all of the grinding work for you. Depending on the type of grinder, some even dispense the weed for you. Electric grinders are undoubtedly more expensive. They also do not catch kief but are ideal for individuals that have trouble grinding weed on their own.

Whichever grinder you choose, always stuff it with the best flower on the market, Budderweeds for the perfect high! Check out a list of the strongest Indica strains for your grinder here!

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