The cannabis stocks market in Canada has been growing exponentially since recreational marijuana officially became legal back in June 19 of this current year. Making cannabis in all of its presentations even more popular across Toronto, Ontario, and all the major cities in the country. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at how the cannabis stocks are doing as of today, both in the world, and of course, in the country. Cannabis Stocks Canada

Canada’s marijuana market set to keep in growing

Like we mentioned before, Canada’s cannabis stocks market has stole the spotlight in the industry thanks to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana, which has skyrocket the sales of cannabis oil, dried flower and many other weed products. According to the studies made by ArcView, the weed industry in Canada is set to keep growing, being able to gross an impressive number of over $5 billion dollars from now until the very end of the year, consolidating its position as the most important canopy industry in the world. Obviously, the biggest cities like Alberta, Toronto, and Ontario, are expected to contribute the most to the consuming of this now legalized drug during the remaining months of the year.   

The city of Alberta, Canada, has sealed an amazing deal

Canada is preparing to satisfy the country’s pot necessities, and cities like Alberta, have already started to plan how they are going to do this. For example, this beautiful city has already signed contracts with over 13 pot suppliers! Recreational marijuana will be legal to sell in all over the country since this October, which is why the government of Alberta has made sure to seal the deal with over 13 licensed suppliers to provide different marijuana products. There are no news as to whether the big cities like Toronto, Ontario, Montreal or Vancouver will follow Alberta’s steps. However, it is a big move for a government to do, and our hopes are set up high.   

Quick news about the world’s cannabis stocks

Surprisingly, Canada has made it into the news again after a handful of Canadian canopy industries announced they are planning on expanding their business into Latin American ground. Canopy Growth is the very first industry of its kind to have said this. Of course, this would mean a huge increase in the national weed market, and it will push other local companies to expand as well and export their products.   

What you can expect from your local weed market

With so much going on, you should expect the weed market to grow even more. We offer a number of cannabis products including: Find out what products are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.